This is where one can quickly reference persons we’ve met (or have played), if intending to use them as NPCs in a game or a writeup. After all, our game has many characters associated with it now, most of whom don’t just disappear when not active, and many are involved in the guild’s affairs even during their downtime.

Keep in mind that not all of this information is widely known in-game (such as Amarro’s family’s fate, or Leon’s full name).

If anything is missing or misrepresented, please feel free to correct it (or just inform Joe).

Name Status At a Glance Summary Combat Style
NOT INITIATED Asocial Mercenary A female gnome who joined the team repelling the undead siege instigated by the necromancer Drazmorg upon Falcon’s Hollow, then joined the mission to put Mikhail to rest. Never said much, and drifted away following the return from Whitethrone. Wielded a rifle firearm. No data.
INITIATE Military Wafflemaster A male halfling soldier who tends to lead with a firm hand. Info gathered states him as a farm kid who joined his local militia to fight raiding goblins. Has romantic but paradoxically-negative notions about nobility, viewing them as lazy and too willing to squander their ancestors’ wealth instead of bettering the larger community (possibly negative personal experiences in homeland?). Worships Iomedae and Erastil, suspicious of uncommon races, and mistrusting of goblinoids and the orcish. Bears a minor jealousy of magic users (apparently due to the “ease of their lives”). Establishes defensive line quickly with his cohort and tries to occupy the most threatening foe. Utilizes a glaive-guisarme and shield in a two-man phalanx arrangement.
ACTIVE Unwilling Team Leader A male halfling who is well-liked and cheerful toward all but those who draw his ire (which provokes him to draw his gun). Had a wife and young daughter meet a tragic end in Cheliax, according to rumors. Enjoys drinking and carousing at a nearly-hedonistic level, but is averse to violence unless forced into it. Unofficial guild leader and founding member. Generally more concerned for guild members than guild politics and is loyal to his allies, Varro in particular (due to common interests). Won’t compromise his morals, even when offered wishes by a devil, and is always prepared to prevent allies from doing something foolish. Tends to accidentally shoot himself and anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby, usually when making showy introductions. Utilizes his mist mail to hide from sight, attacking with his pistols from concealment. Takes opportunities and capitalizes on weaknesses.
RETIRED FROM FIELD DUTY Unkillable Busybody A female elf spellslinger wizard who prides herself on awareness and survivability, but bears heavy survivor’s guilt. Generally overly-concerned with the survival of allies, she makes short-sighted decisions and becomes somewhat irrational when faced with their possible deaths. Unofficial guild Director of Humanoid Resources. Retired from field duty following several deaths: during the Breaching Festival in Korvosa she was killed twice in combat with demons before being accidentally shot to death by Amarro, and was among the guild members opposing the attackers during the Siege of Oregent, slain by a wail of the banshee spell during the final confrontations. Currently manages a new guild chapter in Quantium. A generalist who provides magical bombardment through her rifle firearm, generally against single targets.
ALLIED Thrill-Seeking Drifter A male goblin wearing bone armor and wielding a 4-foot greatsword. Also known as Bleck the Man-Feller; the Man-Killer; the Giant-Killer. Has been pulled into helping the guild from time to time, but seems to have zero desire to officially join it, despite eating pancakes within the guild hall regularly and storing his metalworking tools there. Has a talent for showing up to aid guild members almost anywhere imaginable, seeking new battles against even larger foes. He respects only strength, though seems wise enough to realize it comes in many forms. Does not respond well to disrespect. Charges at the largest foe with his greatsword, striking as hard as possible. The first retaliatory strike he receives sends him tumbling, but he rises quickly and charges in again.
ALLIED Callous Meritocrat A male dwarf cleric of Droskar, Bo’lin believes that dwarven culture suffers from a lack of will; the will to make things happen and to work hard enough to ensure that. A hard stance on the delusions of youth, justice, and fairness have created a mercenary attitude for the dwarven smith to follow, and he does not entertain such delusions in others. Demands equal work from all, or the payment to justify uselessness. Expressed no interest in relocating from Stonespine Island, but seemed willing to cooperate on future missions in the area. Empowers lucerne hammer with negative energy spells, striking with efficient and potent force.
ACTIVE Manipulative Spymaster A male tengu with a fake name. Seems involved in everything, which is by design. Hired the guild while passing through Travelers Stop Inn to help him track down and kill a necromancer in Falcon’s Hollow. Adopted the care of Hollin Hebbradan and Savram Vade after killing Savram’s father in Falcon’s Hollow (neither know he killed Sharvaros Vade). Unofficial guild’s Maester of Affairs. Employs a spy network, which Artanis tries to help him manage without his awareness. Tends to be standoffish and aloof (due to cultural unfamiliarity; he is Tian). Manages the guild only because he fears nobody would otherwise. Hunts necromancers and undead fervently, and tricks others into aiding such tasks. Is nearly exclusively aware of and is actively battling the influence of the Hands of The Mystic Discorida. A master liar. Duels the most dangerous single foe, utilizing feints while making full-attacks. Relentless to a fault.
RETIRED Wry Spellslinger A female tiefling, Chartreux was among the founding members, though it is unknown if she considers herself a member. Accused of trying to steal from Leon by Tomoe, she was part of the small group invited to Travelers Stop Inn by Amarro. Became rather close with a whore from Falcon’s Hollow, but only to the point of exchange of services (and nothing beyond a professional relationship). Disinterested founding member. Tends to be snarky. Lived locally within Oregent but does not seem interested in adventuring on a regular basis while the RoundTable Adventuring Guild had headquarters there, but may have not moved with the guild to Almas. Predominantly used fire magic.
ACTIVE Plucky Illusionist A male halfling with a propensity for performance. Tends to enjoy flashy entrances and explosive responses to hostility, as well as extensive illusions and hiding in the shadow of his own umbrella. Implied past in military, though not forthcoming on record or group identity. Deployed with team to help both retake Fangwood Keep quietly for Nirmathas and complete errand for Phineus Krane. Deployed to Stonespine Island following prophecies regarding his involvement in events due to unfold there. Carries a “magical murder bag”. Creates discord with illusions or giant elemental explosions.
NOT INITIATED Hapless Archaeologist A male grippli. Alternately known as “Pants” by Varro. Joined guild affairs temporarily during the Siege of Falcon’s Hollow by the Hands-associated necromancer Drazmorg. Found floating unconscious on a raft in the River Foam by Tomoe as she laid Mikhail to rest in the river. Was guided through the siege safely by the team. Returned to his studies following the conclusion of the siege. A scholar of zero skill with the rifle he bore.
Ekatarina Falisha Mlakar
Gretchen Čarodějnice
INACTIVE Irriseni Winter Witch A female tiefling who doesn’t seem to understand social conventions. Doesn’t do many missions, instead performing research (sometimes upon allies) and pursuing her own work. Has become obsessed with transformation magic due to some pervasive self-image issues and an envious nature. Left for the Crown of the World with Marrok Grimnar just prior to the Siege of Oregent, returning under a month later with news of terraforming magic and mythic energy eruptions. Is willing to help when able to, but is easily insulted and prone to petty responses when sleighted. Foolish but intelligent, she seems unaware of (or unwilling to consider) the consequences of her more questionable plans. Has a terrible fear of witch hunters due to past offenses within her homeland. Uses powerful ice magic AoEs and debuffs, or can provide healing.
NOT ACTIVATED Mysterious Spellcaster A drow male witch of unknown capabilities. Placed an application for guild membership shortly following the return from the Vault of Souls Incident, but never deployed on a mission. Was extraordinarily secretive and unwilling to display skillset or abilities. Avoids guild HQ to the point of possible disinterest in application. No firsthand observations; talents stated to include “magic” and grappling people with his hair.
ALLIED Inquisitive Victim of Fate A male samsaran apparently separated from the cyclical reincarnation typical of his people. Prophesied to assist guild members in resolving the situation upon Stonespine Island, he was employed for the job and teleported with the team to their destination, taking the opportunity to seek answers to his problems within the trials presented. Bears a cracked hourglass symbol (birthmark?) upon his hand which glows under certain conditions. Upon successful conclusion of mission, returned to Tian Xia via boat. Summons, healing, and assistive magic.
Kelus the Even-Handed
INITIATE Non-Aggressive Adept
DECEASED AND HOSTILE Former Ally and Enthusiastic Combatant A male human, “Simon Raglan” was his true name, according to research (not known to guild members). Founding guild member. Had a tendency to get himself into trouble. Became corrupted by unknown means and dropped from guild membership following the Siege of Falcon’s Hollow. Discovered in Falcon’s Hollow by Tomoe several months later; expressed no further interest in the guild or the path of a paladin of Iomedae. Apparently was later killed while attempting to become an antipaladin, and was turned into a full vampire by a small coven in Falcon’s Hollow which worshipped Urgathoa. Invited several guild members to “face him” in Falcon’s Hollow, likely having planned some manner of attack. Was not found in Falcon’s Hollow and did not attack town when guild visited; suspected culling from Hands-associated assassins for “overt actions”. Gate to his lair was found and buried, with a river diverted over it. No contact since. Was known to hit things with a sword and shield.
Marrok Grimnar
INACTIVE Winter Wolf Witchguard
DECEASED Irriseni Wizard A female changeling witch male human wizard from Irrisen. Alternately known as “Foreign Guy” by Varro. Was rescued from an improvised elevator within the ruins of Droskar’s Crucible, intended to be food for the Redscale Kobold tribe which occupied the lower levels of the Crucible. Slain during the siege against Falcon’s Hollow instigated by the Hands-associated necromancer Drazmorg. Interred to a river burial by Tomoe but haunted her until she assembled a group to provide his life closure by returning to Whitethrone and informing his best friend and mother of his demise. Truth came out during this event that he was a magically gender-swapped changeling witch who was hidden from her hag mother shortly after birth. Resolution of task allowed him to rest in peace. Buried beside best friend/lover on northern bank of River Foam in Falcon’s Hollow. Mind-affecting spells.
NOT INITIATED Judgemental Mercenary Used claws to exploit weaknesses in combat.
Nicodemus Nimh
ACTIVE Specialist Mage-Hunter
Nyssa Maryn
INACTIVE Familiar to Gretchen.
ACTIVE Sweaty, Meditative Oracle
ACTIVE Cohort to Nicodemus.
ACTIVE Tamed Worg Animal companion to Tomoe. Currently residing with Carrock, Hollin Hebbradan, and Savram Vade in an apartment in Almas.
ACTIVE Aggressive Misanthropist Paladin
Tachibana Shinoko
ACTIVE Subtle Archer
KIDNAPPED Monastic Outrider A female halfling/aasimar slave from Tian Xia. “Tomoe” (“Howling” in tien) was intended to be used in a necromantic ritual to free her master from his nosferatu curse, but escaped and was trained as a monk by an old hermit in the mountains. Slave hunters drove her to Andoran, where she met the RoundTable Adventuring Guild’s founding members. Was strangled by an assassin vine trying to save Leon, and Roukan took her body to be resurrected by local monks. Returned to help the guild against Drazmorg, a Hands-associated necromancer laying siege to Falcon’s Hollow, and officially joined the guild. Began suffering from the effects of a dormant Runelord curse she was under (specifically, Gluttony) shortly after her return, eventually gaining enough weight that she could not adventure further. Her attempts to remove the curse led her to trade her soul to the infernal duke Lorthact, though she was left to lose the weight herself. Unable to fight, she was thus easily captured in her home during the Siege of Oregent by agents of her master, Kōreishi no Aojiroi (“Kōreishi the Pale”), in truth a Hands-associated necromancer. Current whereabouts unknown. Mounted combat in partnership with Roukan, striking multiple times at the end of charge attacks with a polearm.
ASSOCIATE Aggressively Anti-Theist
Varro Brandeewanderer
ACTIVE Unkillable Murder Machine
INITIATE Loyal Cohort Squire to Alonzo.
Name Role; Status At a Glance Summary Source
Galen INDIFFERENT; POSSIBLY DECEASED Acolyte of Aroden A male human devotee to the deceased god of humanity, Galen believed that he had heard Aroden in his mind, detailing a convoluted plan to be brought back to life. Establishing a cult devoted to the resurrection of Aroden called “The Children of the Reborn Glory”, the acolyte arranged the theft of several soul gems from Pharasma; gems which were dangerously potent and threatened all of the universe if not returned. Things went awry, and the RoundTable Adventuring Guild was tapped to solve the problem.
As the RoundTable Guild’s members chased down some of the stolen gems, they began to encounter the acolyte on a regular basis when returning to update Pharasma’s servants on their progress. Eventually, they acquiesced to his requests for audience and, after observing his work and setup, were not able to reach a shared opinion: Varro wanted the gems, believing that they were hired to recover gems and only that, Screech believed that the god of humanity should stay dead, Marrok believed that the dead should stay dead, and Gretchen was curious about the possible outcome. These disparate desires were compounded by the complicated situation surrounding the plan: not only were several splinter groups hidden in the ritual’s participants, but they were going to attempt to foil the intended outcome for their own different reasons. Some wanted to “redefine” Aroden by destroying or stealing several soul gems during the ritual, while others wanted to be able to bring the god to heel and under their control. Even more troubling, a powerful protean kekketar had been pulling the strings in the first place, mentally contacting Galen and pretending to be Aroden. Its desire was the completion of the ritual, which would have actually created either an unsealable breach directly to the Maelstrom, or an entirely new god… regardless of possible outcomes, the entire situation was very complicated.
The end result was the sort only the RoundTable Guild could supply: as the ritual was begun, Gretchen stepped forward to (publicly, this time) warn Galen of the intended sabotage of his work and out the conspirators, while Varro and Screech cut straight to the heart of the conflict. Screech snatched the chest containing the soul gems from Galen while Varro used the gate-creating map of the planes he’d been given to create a path back to Pharasma’s servants, a sort of snatch-and-grab solution befitting their personalities. Marrok, meanwhile, transformed into an earth elemental, intending to menace the saboteurs and cover the party’s escape. Gretchen had a much harder time deciding what to do, feeling a great deal of empathy for Galen but unable to help. In his despair he beseeched her as the guildmembers fled, ultimately throwing his holy symbol through the portal and at the witch’s feet when the answer of “no” became obvious. His fate is unknown, as many of the participants of the ritual are likely to seek revenge for its failure.
Gretchen has expended a great deal of time and effort (and resources) to track down the broken acolyte. She still has his holy symbol in her possession and has gone so far as to enslave powerful demons who are reported to have information and torture it out of them. Time will tell if it’s even possible to save the acolyte of the god of humanity.
Beyond the Vault of Souls
“Giggles” INDIFFERENT; UKNOWN Unkillable Laughing Thug Crown of the Kobold King
Hollin Hebbradan ALLY; ALIVE Knife Adept and Orphan Crown of the Kobold King
Jak Crimmy ALLY; UNKNOWN Pancake Master Jak was a well-liked resident of Falcon’s Hollow before being hired by the RoundTable Adventuring Guild to be their headquarters’ chef. Many of the guild’s members had taken to Crimmy’s famous cinnamon-crusted flapjacks with enthusiasm (Tomoe especially) while solving problems around the town, so Varro’s offer of employment in the guild was a natural result.
Jak went missing at the end of Kuthona 4714, believed to be captured by demons from the Moonscar of Somal. He was, in fact, visiting his allurin girlfriend, and battling the demons of Somal himself. He returned safely to Oregent following the incident, and moved with the RoundTable Adventuring Guild to Almas following their relocation in early 4715.
The Moonscar
Kimi Eavewalker ALLY; UNKNOWN Wannabe Adventurer Kimi was one of five children captured by the Redscale kobold tribe and intended as a blood sacrifice to empower the kobold king Merlokrep’s crown. The intervention of the fledgling RoundTable Adventuring Guild’s members prevented the ritual and culminated in her rescue and return home.
Bored by life in a small town, Kimi seized an opportunity by seeking employment from Varro when the RoundTable Adventuring Guild’s members returned to the town to confront the necromancer Drazmorg. Varro had the young woman carry much of the loot found on the adventure as an object lesson on getting what you want, but the youth was hesitant to complain, and obeyed quietly.
True to his word, Varro paid her upon returning to Falcon’s Hollow and attempted to release her from his employment, but she staunchly refused, asking to be allowed to continue to work for him. Against his nature, he agreed, bringing her along on a following trip to Irrisen 3 weeks later.
She survived under his employment (barely, at times) and was given startup money by Varro as the RoundTable Guild boarded their boat back to Andoran, bid to go on with her life in her way.
It is assumed she is still well.
Crown of the Kobold King
Lorthact ENEMY; ALIVE Infernal Duke Little verifiable information has been found about the infernal duke named Lorthact the Unraveler, though the mention made of him during the Breaching Festival allowed some direction for pursuit.
Named the Dwimmerlaik, the Ur-Magius, and the Diabolus Mystere, Lorthact was once a high-ranking duke of Hell who apparently served many masters in that foul place, able to avoid allying himself with any directly but working with most, if not all. Reports state that this enviable situation ended when he upset his last patron: Eiseth, Whore-Queen of the erinyes. Pursued by the relentless devil across the planes, he seems to have eventually settled in Korvosa, overseeing the Breaching Festival and the Acadamae.
He gained power from the souls tricked into and trapped within his pocket realm, but the intervention of the RoundTable Adventuring Guild’s agents has foiled this plan (and earned them a dangerous enemy). He apparently had taken control of the estate and affairs of the Ornelos family, though verifiable information is scarce about this beyond that granted by Toff Ornelos’ vault and the records of the Acadamae. Lorthact’s goal with the usurpation of the Breaching Festival is unknown at this point, though it may have something to do with the conflict with Eiseth.
Sadly, Lorthact has an ongoing tie to the guild: he holds contracts signed by both Tomoe and Screech, promising their souls to him upon death. It is very likely that the infernal duke’s ownership of these souls will be contested by the guild at a future date.
A stat block for Lorthact can be found within the Inner Sea Bestiary.
Academy of Secrets
Marica PATRON; ALIVE Paladin of Erastil and Demonologist A female faun who helped face down and slay the fallen god Ydersius several years back, Marica now resides in the Arthfell Forest to the west of Oregent. She is one of the most powerful members of a demon-researching team headquartered in a secret laboratory under Oregent’s temple to Cayden Cailean, though she spends little time within the city. Drunken Demonslayers
“The Nightmare Lord” ENEMY; UNKNOWN Ascendant Demon of Shadow A powerful and ancient nightmare creature with a vendetta against the RoundTable Adventuring Guild. Gretchen enslaved the hezrou which the unnamed Nightmare Lord had inhabited on a rumor that it was aware of Galen’s fate, stealing some of its power and weakening it in the process.
It took the opportunity to seek revenge against the heroes who responded to the mythic event on Stonespine Island, stalking their dreams and sipping on their mythic power to restore itself to its original power. Eventually it preyed upon the injured and sleeping Telorast, enslaving the sleeping dragon’s mind and directing her efforts against the Queen of the Inferno, a goddess whose pain and mythic power drew attention like a great beacon.
The dragon battled the Queen’s handmaiden, and when the handmaiden fled into her lair to recover, The Nightmare Lord revealed itself and attacked the Queen through her servant. The end result was unclear: it appeared to not fully absorb the minor goddess, combining its essence with hers and manifesting itself through the efreeti handmaiden to battle the RoundTable Adventuring Guild’s team. It shed the hezrou body, mentioning that its transit from creature to creature would be “over” when it absorbed the mythic heroes’ power, but its defeat may have broken its power.
While the guild members may believe that it was slain in the battle, it in fact escaped the dying efreeti’s body, though in a form too weak to pose a threat. It now stalks the darkness of the Dimension of Dreams, seeking some way to regain its former potency and avenge itself upon the heroes.
Fire Over Blackcrag
Phineus Krane PATRON; ALIVE Unlucky Professor of Antiquities Into the Haunted Forest
Savram Vade ALLY; ALIVE Magus Trainee and Orphan Savram was one of five children captured by the Redscale kobold tribe and intended as a blood sacrifice to empower the kobold king Merlokrep’s crown. The intervention of the fledgling RoundTable Adventuring Guild’s members prevented the ritual and culminated in his rescue and return home.
Sadly, he returned home to find that his father was slain. Carrock, who had hired the guild as a distraction, was investigating the rumors of Savram’s father Sharvaros being a necromancer. Finding confirmation of the rumor, the tengu dreadmasque delivered justice, then took the boy under his wing to provide a home and guidance.
Savram currently lives with Carrock, his friend Hollin, and Tomoe’s companion Roukan in Almas, training as a magus and still unaware that his father was murdered by his current guardian.
Crown of the Kobold King
Xersus Theodorineirin Vilheallma Abergris PATRON; ALIVE Riftwarden and Demonologist Drunken Demonslayers
Name Relationship to RAG At a Glance Summary
The Hands of The Mystic Discordia HOSTILE Collective of Necromancers and Undead The Hands of The Mystic Discordia are a secret society seeking the untroubled domination of undead creatures. This goal has drawn liches and other intelligent undead into their ranks, creating a powerful group of highly-dangerous and intelligent monsters who use their often great wealth and long lifespans to control entire countries (usually in secret).
Events known to have involved agents of The Hands of The Mystic Discordia include both sieges of Falcon’s Hollow, the Events in Nex, the Ruby Phoenix Tournament, and the Siege of Oregent.


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