Tomoe ("Howling")

Lvl 8 Female Halfling Yamabushi Order Emissary Cavalier / Qinggong Sohei Monk under Vow of Truth


Tomoe is currently too fat to adventure. She weighs 136.75 lbs (“extremely fat” category, 103.75 lbs over racial gender maximum weight) and can only move 5 feet in a full-round action.


Runelord Curse (Gluttony), DC 20 Will every 8 hours and immediately after finishing eating, results as listed in table and cannot naturally heal ability damage caused by overeating (current CON penalty: -9).

Has a dog Buddha-nature?
This is the most serious question of all.
If you say yes or no,
You lose your own Buddha-nature.
-Zen Koan, The Gateless Gate

Tomoe was (is?) a slave of Kōreishi no Aojiroi, a rich, mysterious, powerful, and influential Tian-Min (assumed) necromancer. Her name, which she was given by her hermit master in the woods of Kyojin Mountain Range (specifically, Mount Kosaka), is Tien for “Howling”. She was born in the slave quarters of Kōreishi no Aojiroi’s manor in the heart of Kasai, Minkai, on the continent of Tian Xia.

Tomoe takes herself and her vows very seriously. She sees the rules she has chosen to live by as a method of controlling her own actions, after being a slave for much of her life, but isn’t sure how to make the theory and nebulous ideas into a real, personal reality for herself. She is a monk who has seen others living in true zen quiet but is unable to find it herself, as a result of a life of extreme turmoil, slavery, and constant threat of death or mutilation through experimentation at the hands of her slave-master. Her calm is a thin veneer put over everything she does, and she tries to conduct herself in a manner that makes her seem reliable, as she strives for complete control in herself.

She is a pack-trained warrior, and views her allies as valuable and worthy of respect. She places the needs of allies before her own at times and always seeks to keep her “pack” in working order. She is constantly looking for ways to integrate the skills of new allies into her tactics.

Tomoe is on morally-loose ground, never having proper religious training as a former slave. She knows the things her slave-master did were evil, but isn’t sure what was evil and what wasn’t. Regardless, she views a few things as “evil”: slave ownership, cruelty, unreliability, betrayal, laziness, deception, theft, selfishness, vivisection/experimentation on the living, necromancy, and willful ignorance. She doesn’t kill without reason, but sees black-and-white distinction between “combatant” and “non-combatant”, as her vows require her to protect non-combatants at all cost. The ability to quickly determine which is which in a scenario is important to her.

-is unsure of how she should behave in high-class settings when she isn’t forced into serving as she’s used to, so tends to try to go unnoticed and watch others for cues.
-has extreme reactions to being restrained or tied up, descending into panic attacks pretty easily if unable to meditate during her restraint.
-very emotionally attached to Roukan, as he is literally her only “family” still alive.
-has always been prone to addictive behaviour, but since the Runelord curse was put on her she has taken up “comfort eating”. This was discovered when she tried flapjacks while trying to process some trauma, and has gained a lot of weight since.
-is a big fan of sweets, and currently tends to try to have a small supply about her whenever she can.

Tomoe’s former slave-master is still alive, somewhere out there, which she is painfully aware of. This problem (and many of her emotional issues and destructive coping mechanisms) are likely to be solved by confronting him, but she is unable to see this solution in the midst of her current situation; she still seems to consider herself “on the run”, preferring to try to stay out of sight. Nonetheless, she dreams of one day “neutralizing” him (as Varro would say) and solving a subtle problem that has plagued the people of Kasai, and the world, from the shadows for far too long. She has no idea how to accomplish this, and is currently just trying to manage her introduction to life and living among others as an escaped slave, but often is driven into panic attacks and toward comfort food when things overwhelm her.

Unknown to her or her allies, he has placed a curse on her, which has allowed him to influence her subconscious mind. Since she hasn’t returned to him on her own power (he can’t imagine why), he has instead caused her to be unable to focus, which is preventing her from meditating. The curse also plants the thought that food is comforting (which she actually seems to agree with), and that the others in her party aren’t looking after her best interests. He has made use of the “backdoor” into her subconscious to make her miss Tian Xia and cause her to withdraw from contact with others. These effects have the intent of making her gain weight until she proves easy to locate and recapture (a halfling as fat as she is is pretty noticeable, after all). Why he is suddenly trying to locate his wayward slave with such interest and what he intends to do with her is unknowable at this time, but word is that Kōreishi is some sort of vampire… it can’t be good, whatever it is.

-aided by a monkey which somehow escaped confinement in – or snuck into – her master’s lab, picked her cage’s locks (she was being punished for reading in his library), and helped her through the subsequent locked doors within the house, she escaped into his teleportation circle, which was connected with his estate in the city of Akafuto. She then escaped out into the city and beyond carefully over several days, losing sight of the monkey as soon as she was outside of the city safely
-met and was properly raised by an old halfling hermit in the bamboo forest immediately northeast on the eastern edge of the Kyojin Mountain Range, who brought her from the forest into the mountains to train and avoid notice
-bonded to Roukan (wolf) and trained how to fight with him in battle
-taught how to read and write, about philosophy and “thinking beyond want” (which she doesn’t really understand, honestly), and other such concepts while evading the occasional hired slave hunters
-the hermit was killed when they were eventually found, but Tomoe didn’t realize until that moment that the slave hunters also wanted to find him, being an escaped slave as well
-escaped across the sea to Absalom
-while living and training in Andoran (in the Falcon’s Hollow area, prior to journeying with what became the founding members of the RoundTable Adventuring Guild), Tomoe was introduced to several gods, to which she developed a religious following. A female gnome from Tian Xia who she spent a lot of time with introduced her to the fairly-new belief in Aria, the Cherry Blossom Princess, stating that Tomoe would likely find a lot to agree with in the faith. Indeed, the halfling has, but was in opposition to the pursuit of “excess” that the faith celebrates for most of the time she spent training… unfortunately for her nose-in-the-air opinion of that aspect of the goddess’s portfolio, she’s taken very strongly to excess since leaving the monastery, as evidenced by her ever-expanding waistline… but that doesn’t mean she’s any more agreeable toward it
-she has a thing for Amarro. She’d never say so, but if she ever got drunk and he was nearby or mentioned, that secret would likely escape… to her eternal (sober) embarrassment
-since meeting her on the boat back from Kalsgard after putting Mikhail to rest, Gretchen thinks Tomoe is “adorable”, and has become obsessed with making her even fatter. This is possibly because the tiefling is so damn skinny (and not very pleased with that) and somewhat sadistic, and because the halfling proves to be less than resistant to food, despite her complaints to the contrary.
^ related to this, when Tomoe informed Carrock of the possibility of her having been cursed, Gretchen volunteered to perform magical and mundane experiments to find out whether or not that is true in his stead. Unfortunately, Gretchen’s actual intent is to simply see how fat she can make Tomoe get. She seems unaware that that course of action could possibly kill the halfling.

“Two Souls ~Tomoe” (“Scars of Time”, Yoko Shimomura)
“Joshu’s Dog ~Roukan” (“Voyageur”, Enigma)
“The Muddy Road ~Traveling the World” (“Les Djinns”, Trentemøller featuring Djuma Soundsystem)
“Neither Mind Nor Buddha ~Combat” (“Kaguya Hime”, Juno Reactor)

Tomoe ("Howling")

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