To avoid GM fatigue and acknowledge everyone wants to play a character, RoundTable Adventuring is a group of player/GMs, with each player in a Game Master rotation running a module. It is an area to play-test character concepts, modules, and the occasional 3rd-party proposal as we examine the varied roles of adventurers within a party and role-players in a tabletop group. This is a forum where no one person holds veto over the reality of the adventuring world, where all players are required to contribute a verse to the story they are participating in.

How we’re going to do it:

We propose to meet and build a party of no more than six adventurers that can get on just fine, without any single one of them, in any given adventure. The missing character being the Game Master’s character, who will be indisposed for reasons written by that character’s player. Currently, we’ve adapted Pathfinder Society Organized Play mechanics in regard to levelling and wealth distribution.

We will take turns running the game as our party of heroes progresses through the world of Golarion. Game Masters may run any module, including one they have written themselves, so long as it is converted to the Pathfinder Ruleset and our Core Assumption.

All proposed changes to mechanics, character builds and general group decisions will be posted on the forum for review and discussion to save time when we do meet. Meaning we can play more and debate less. All changes are subject to a majority rule vote, held before each session. When we have an even number of players in the group, the individual tabling a motion will be disallowed to vote on their own motion. All changes and decisions require a majority of the group to support them. In the event of an odd number of players, the person tabling the motion will be allowed a vote to avoid a stalemate. Votes will be held after the group has an appropriate amount of time to review, debate, deliberate, and reform the tabled motion on the forum. The goal being that the change is seen as fair and balanced, as decided by the group, before it is introduced into play. Any current change passed does not have a retroactive effect, necessary changes are made at the time of their inception and we will play on.

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RoundTable Adventuring

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