Retirement, Death and Dying


Between modules any two players may choose to retire their current character in favour of another character of their creation. If more than two players desire to change characters there will be a roll off to determine whom gets to exercise this privilege. This replacement character will have the XP of the retired character. Wealth of this character, even if it is not a new character, will be in accordance with this chart.


Death will be seen as a form of retirement. The player of a dead character will build a new character. The race and class of said character will preassigned at random. The archetype, ability scores and equipment of this new character will be of the player’s choosing. The new character may dip into other classes but the ratio of dipped levels to assigned class levels may not exceed 1:3. (that is to say if assigned cleric the character must have 3 levels of cleric before dipping into a level of another class and a total of six levels of cleric before dipping into a second level of another class) Should the assigned class grant abilities that are a requirement of a prestige class; levels in that prestige class will count towards levels in the assigned class. The player may annul their XP detriment, by earning 6 XP. Levels chosen during this period must still follow the aforementioned dip ratio. After this death probationary period the player may level the character as they see fit.

Our current system for random assignment employs the use of drawing the variables from hats. One hat containing races and the other hat containing classes. There will be two contributions from each player to each hat.


A character whose health points reach 0 gains the staggered condition as per usual.

A character whose health points fall below 0; is dying. At the beginning of their turn a dying character must roll a Constitution Check. The DC of which will be 10 + the number of negative health points the character currently has. Failure of this check will result in 1d6 of bleed damage less the character’s Constitution Modifier. Success will not stabilize a character. They instead take no damage from the act of dying. A natural 20 on this check will be an automatic success and will also stabilize the dying character.

A character is dead once their negative health points are greater than the sum of their Constitution Score plus their level. A character can be brought back from the brink of death at anytime before the initiative that they fell.

A DC 15 Heal Check will stabilize a dying character. All spells and effects that pertain to dying and bleed damage will function as written.

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Retirement, Death and Dying

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