NG metropolis (Corruption +2; Crime +4; Economy +7; Law +2; Lore +4; Society +9)
Qualities: academic, holy site (Abadar), prosperous, strategic location, tourist attraction
Danger: +10
Government: council
Population: 76,600 (52,088 humans, 6,894 halflings, 6,128 dwarves, 5,362 elves,
3,830 half-orcs, 1,532 gnomes, 766 other)
Base Value: 27,456 gp; Purchase Limit: 150,000 gp; Spellcasting: 9th level
Minor Items: all available; Medium Items: 4d4; Major Items: 3d4

Center of Democratic Government
Notable Inhabitants: Eagle Knight Commander General Reginald Cormoth (LG male human paladin of Iomedae 12), Pathfinder Society Venture-Captain Brackett (LN male human fighter 5/expert 3), Supreme Elect Codwin I of Augustana (LG male human paladin of Iomedae 14), Grand Bishop Darius Silvershoe (LN male human cleric of Abadar 9), Almas University Provost Felandriel Morgethai (CG female elf wizard 17), Commander of the City Guard Jhonn Bleys (NG male half-elf ranger 8), Gavel Ryma Bloodthorn (NE female half-orc fighter 2/rogue 4)
Monsters and Enemies: Corrupt politicians, erinat gremlins, foreign instigators, sewer vermin, street gangs
Resources: Arts, leather, paint, rope, sails

As Andoran’s shining capital, Almas embodies the spirit of the Andoren people and their egalitarian philosophy. Beyond serving as the nation’s symbolic heart, it is also its largest city and one of the Inner Sea’s most vital ports. Here people from all walks of life and all reaches of the world congregate in celebration of freedom and liberty.
          Nearly two-thirds of the nation’s population live within a day’s travel of the metropolis. Scores of outlying villages near Almas serve as homes for droves of farmers, craftsmen, and seasonal laborers. This region is known as Freeland, and consists in large part of lands once owned by Andoran’s noble class prior to the People’s Revolt.
          Almas itself is situated on a series of hills where three smaller rivers—the Tamuth, the Kernite, and the Moulton— join the mighty Andoshen shortly before it empties into the sea. Sturdy stone bridges link the city together across the rivers, high enough that riverboats can ship their goods to market without colliding with the pilings.
          While Almas is an independent municipality, much of its administration is undertaken by Andoran’s federal government, and the nation’s Supreme Elect also serves as the city’s mayor. The Eagle Knights, while present in large numbers within the city, have no official jurisdiction to keep the peace beyond their normal mandate to serve Andoran within and beyond its borders.


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