Critical Hit Deck

“Tired of the same old double damage? Wouldn’t you rather chop off your opponents’ head in one clean swing or put an arrow in his heart? Rolled a critical hit? Draw a card…” -Critical Hit Deck, box

Upon the roll of a critical threat one may spend an action die to gain access to the Critical Hit Deck, automatically confirming it as a critical hit. The number of cards drawn are in relation to the critical multiplier of your successful attack. With a x2 multiplier draw one card. With a x3 multiplier draw two cards. With a x4 multiplier draw three cards. You may only gain the benefit of one of these cards. Apply the listed effect on your chosen card based on what type of weapon was used (bludgeoning, piercing, slashing or magic). In the event that the effect listed on the card cannot be effectively applied to the target of the attack another card maybe be drawn until an applicable consequence is found. Alternatively, a player may exercise the option of rolling to confirm their critical threat. Upon this confirmation the character does the extra damage as normal.

Should one confirm a critical hit with a splash weapon you will roll an additional die for damage. Should an alchemist confirm a critical hit with a splash weapon or bomb; they will also include their Intelligence modifier a second time.

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Critical Hit Deck

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