Character Creation


All race related material will be chosen from the Advanced Race Guide. Races with a fly speed at first level will instead gain Gliding Wings as a racial trait as most modules do not factor for aerial combat. As per protocol any race manufactured or altered using Chapter 4 of the Advanced Race Guide may only have 10 Race Points in their final total and will be subject to group approval after being presented in full. Remember that it is highly improbable that your character will be the only one of its race be prepared to explain the ecology of the race (including a full write-up for our wiki).

Ability Scores

We are using the 15 point buy system for character starting ability scores.


Starting age, height, weight, skin and hair colours will be at the discretion of the player but all age effects and limitations will be effective for your chosen race.

All characters are assumed to start play with a bandolier


Classes found in our core assumption are legal for play. All other classes must be presented to the group and voted in before they become legal for play. As per protocol the individual purposing the class will be required to convert it to the Pathfinder Ruleset and our current house rules.


All equipment in the our core assumption is legal for play. Other equipment may become available through the modules we play. Character’s with 0 XP will get the average starting wealth of their class.

Should a new character, coming into play, have a crafting ability or feat that character’s starting wealth is increased by a third and no item, that they have crafted, may have value higher than one sixth their wealth. This only applies to characters higher than level 1.


Each player character shall receive their choice of two traits and may chose to select a drawback, or, multiple drawbacks from Ultimate Campaign. Players taking one or more a drawbacks are allowed to select a third trait. No chosen traits may be of the same type. All Pazio traits and drawbacks are legal for play. Campaign traits from Adventure Paths may not fit our current game making them inadvisable to take. 3rd Party traits will require ratification from the group.

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Here’s a cool tool Oson found Background Generator.

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Character Creation

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