RoundTable Adventuring

Shinoko I
A letter from Shinoko to the elder council of Tianjing

I have received your missive and am to board a boat to take me from Taldor to Magnimar in Varisia from there i will find myself a Harold and charter a small ship to Hermea. The guild of the round table has granted me a sabatical for this undertaking which means they have given up hope of finding Tomoe, the halfling that went missing in the seige of Oregent. my request still stands however if you learn anything of the Hands of the Mystic Discodia’s current movement send the information directly to me with a copy sent to Carrock, the guild’s new address in Almas will be included at the bottom. Back to the matter at hand this meeting has been many years in the making, I know. Getting Mengkare to allow an Aasimar inside the gates Hermea is historic at best. But to think that he would agree to an exchange of knowledge for the better enlightnement of the world is folly. How far should I go to entertain him, and what of the rumors am I to simply disregard them or should i look into them.

Awaiting the wisdom of my elder council.
Tachibana Shinoko

A note to the widow

On behalf of all of us in The Unquenchable Lady’s church allow me to entend our deepest condolences on the loss of your husband. And know that I personally will do everything in my power to find and deliver to those responsible to the justice they deserve.

If there is ever anything The Savored Sting can do for you, pray on this charm, and she will answer.

It's a Mystery

Personal Note; We’re investigating a murder. As third party impartial investigators. ‘The Carnival Mistress’ and ‘The Sheriff’

Victim: Owner of “The Locked Box”; Archavin Waldr {Pawn Broker / Money Lender} And one shop guard died during robbery. T.o.D. Late Night – Early Morning.
Waldr – found near path from town to the Carnival, by wife ‘Agnis Waldr’ after he didn’t return from the carnival (within hours of his death). Cause of death appears to be mauling / predation by a larger flying creature or made to appear so.
Guard – throat slit exsanguination.
Witnesses: None have come forward to event. Many claim seeing a 4 legged flying creature silhouetted against moon {unlikely}.
Motive: Most-likey acquisition of key to the “Locked Box.” Although, the robbery may have only been a matter of convenience. No, known public feuds.

Found at Scene
- Plaster Casting of ‘large creature claw tracks’ not a match to Sphinx; Creature was flying or tracks were faked as there were attempts to hide humanoid foot prints around the ‘tracks’ and tracks were light for size.
- Broken Silver Chain – used to keep vault key around Waldr’s neck. – Widow Confirmed.
Found on Body {Waldr}
- Wound Pattern matches Cast/Tracks. Body appears to have not had anything eaten from it.
Found on Guard
- Struck on head from behind, pre-mortum. Fatal cut does not appear to be from a well maintained blade.

Prime suspect: Unidentified.

Working Theory: Victim targeted by unknown mastermind to acquire specific item or items from his shop. Carnies’ being in town during the incident unrelated?

Primary Concerns: Finding the actual murderer(s). Determine what was taken from ‘The Locked Box’.
Secondary Concerns: Bumpkin unrest and discriminatory violence.
Tertiary Concerns: What the ‘public’ thinks. How the Sphinx feels.

Curiosity: The ‘arrangement’ of the Sphinx for the Carnival.
Working Theory: The Sphinx is the head of the Carnival reasons unknown. Or, is actual prisoner being held by forces beyond the physical.

Oh crap invisible things

A Response to Artanis
re: Adventure Log post titled "Artanis"

/A letter on plain paper crosses Artanis’ desk in Quantium some time after her own letter to Carrock/

“The witch returned late in Abadius after an overlong absence with news of an event at the World’s Crown involving terraforming magic and ancient ruins, so she is once more available to aid. I will pass along the report and request intervention forthwith, as well as pass along the option of relocation at the next meeting. Any who wish to do so will arrive with the witch if she elects to help. If not, they will arrive by boat eventually.’

‘Signs point to a necessary confrontation with more senior members of the Hands in order to determine the sohei’s fate; they are being strangely reserved with her movements. Because of this, we will have to arrange such a meeting, and must be sure to send our best and brightest to it. It was inevitable we were struck against, and now we must decide a proper response. On that note, I have requested the aid of an assassin’s guild with which I am acquainted to provide some protection for our people and headquarters wherever we have a presence; such allies will be useful in deflecting future attacks by our enemies. Word has passed among their kind to your location; they apparently have a presence in most cities. You will be approached by an agent of theirs who will liaise with you in an ongoing capacity. Please be polite: their interest in taking down the Hands is to our benefit, methods notwithstanding.’

‘The so-called “Moonscar Incident” bore unexpected fruit, so we cannot lean on the reaver too strongly. Besides, he followed guild protocol re: protecting our own. I see it as a win. As for your people, let them rest. We don’t have much to work with at the moment, and will need to put the squeeze directly on our enemies if we want more information. We must realign ourselves and direct our focus to countering future efforts against us. We can only hope she isn’t giving them much information, if indeed they are torturing her (or worse). I feel bad about it, I truly do, but our hands are tied: while we could investigate the abduction, work has been… resisted by the Oregent government. Analysis of the dweomer is incomplete, and any leftover magical residue has long dissipated. Bureaucracy has harmed our efforts here, sadly.’

‘Ustalav reports came up negative, despite immediate redirection of local assets to an investigation. Possibly a false trail, but also possibly a carefully coordinated cover-up. I am concerned that the true intent with such actions is to expend our effort on distractions? That, or they are far beyond our ability to oppose right now… and I don’t know which possibility concerns me more. Either way, this highlights the need for a stronger information network, if nothing else."

/A symbol which looks like a nosoi’s mask is signed at the bottom of the page, as if a signature, along with a phrase in Tien which translates as “watch your back”/

Jabba the Catt
Book of Joy; ENTRY #I've lost count

Whoo! Got the party started last night, at least as much as you can in small-ass town. We arrived yesterday, thank the goddess, so that meant I didn’t have to smother Boring Guy in his sleep. Good for him!
I won ‘King of the Carnival’, made money, had fun, and met a lonesome and broken heart in need of healing the way only Calistria can. Praise Her!

NOW I’M OFF! In search of a hangover cure!

Gorzan 19th, 4715

What an exciting day,

I was hauling my cart through the devil lands, day dreaming of your perfume, nibbling on the last of the biscuits you snuck into my pack, when a very pleasant stranger and his family passed me on the road. The children were excited for a travelling carnival. A CARNIVAL from Varisia, a few gypos would be a nice change of pace to all the devil worshipers I’ve been selling my wares to thought maybe even get some more practice as a wainwright. My cart isn’t going to break down anytime soon. I will admit that you were correct I should have splurged for darkwood. I did however meet a pleasant, yet strange smelling druid that paid in trade with an iron wood spell. Unfortunately, the effects didn’t last long enough for all of my tests. Any road… I have just finished camouflaging my burden and look forward to a lighter stint of walking on my way to the fair. I hope they some good vittles.

As always I don’t know when I’ll be able to send you these letters, mi amore. The land of devils doesn’t seem to be filled with trust worthy carriers. I figured an infatuation with those of the infernal notaries would have rubbed off on the people but, I remain disappointed. I look forward to the next check point, as we discussed, to see evidence of your lovely delicate hands and to read how low we both are without one another.

Will all my affection,

Well, that got out of hand with great haste,

I’m just scribbling down my day before the alcohol fogs them beyond recovery. I believe I have made the acquaintance of some adventurers, and a terminal gnome. Remember, Bougie Sr., Sr., Sr., Sr., Sr. ? Much like that, though, I sense there is still dim embers smouldering within her breast. It always amazes me how the Gnomish maintain their youthful wonder about the world regardless of parlour. Drink stain illegible though I regret the response was excessive. The other whose name escapes me seems to be a well seasoned and generous reveller. Not at all the stuffy reli*Drink stain illegible* ? The third is rather interesting in his abilities, brimming with all the best qualities save a decent education.

Other than that the fair was amusing as I hoped but, there does seem to be a mystery afoot. I will scribe more when I know more.

The warmth of fine wine is a mouldy mine, compared Drink stain illegible

Artanis I
A letter to Carrock

I have found a building in Quantium that should serve as a good secondary headquarters for the guild. The three story building has two subterainian floors a courtyard and access to a quad we can use as a training field. I’m begining renovations removing some of the staircases and magically reinforcing the structure after Oregent I’m taking no chances. The real challange will be fitting in a meeting hall al a the one we had in Oregent. I’d to ask you to have Gretchen come down here as soon as she is done her business in the north I have need of a magical consultation. Also now that the building has been procured put word out in the guild that any persons that might care to relocate down to Quantium can now do so.

On a more serious note what have your little birds told you about Tomoe. Ekaterina reported that she had been seen 2 months back in Ustalav, Nico’s come up empty in his search as has Shinoko. People are losing hope and one of my best investigator is asking for a sabatacle. If Varo hadn’t stupidly taken four people on a needless search for pancakes. we might have caught her trail earlier but i digress my anger with that man may never subside. I was wishing to know if you could coroborate the sighting in Ustalav, and if you can we should dispatch a group to follow up on it.

Nyssa's Musings

Over the past decade I have traveled far and seen much. Gozreh has shown me the many wonders of nature whether in the Eye of Abendego or in jungles and deserts on the either side of the world. By following the whispers on the winds, I have also seen the frantic machinations of cities belonging to a variety of races. But never have I seen the vile filth that is present in this place. My family and almost all others who depend on the seas for their well-being hold the moon in a place of reference. It controls the tides and helps guide our ships by night. But now I see it for what it really is; death. Everything natural here has been contaminated by demonic energy and I find myself overwhelmed by the lack of anything pure or true anymore. Unfortunately, I have come to realize that killing this queen or rescuing a few innocent people will do nothing to bring about any sort of restoration for the land, the trees, or the waters here. The moment our business is concluded, I will leave this place and never return. Once upon Golarion, I will need some time to reconnect with nature and restore that which has been slowly drained from me on this dark side of the moon.



Marsten has a dream...

Marsten awoke to a warm, honey feeling oozing though out his body and a thousand points of light in the sky above him, swirling and dancing, stars and energy. It wasn’t until he tried to move that he realized he was naked with his arms and legs frozen into the surface of a familiar lake.

“You like the way I make you feel don’t you?” Sinnndy purred, tracing a talon over his chest. “I like the way you make me feel and that’s why we’ll be together forever and ever and ever and we’ll have a house and neighbors and i’ll meet all your coworkers and friends and parents, you’ll meet my mom when we overthrow her and take her place as queen and you’ll be king, and Murky will be our pet who plays with the kids. He’retyudjeo, C’shilkesi, and Marsten Jr!…” Sinnndy paused in her rant a moment to favor Marsten with her widest grin… “Won’t it be great my mortal morsel of man meat? You’re UP for it aren’t you? I can tell you are.”

Sinnndy snuggled into Marsten’s shoulder and was quiet of a moment.

“But don’t worry,” she continued as she straddled his torso," I know what you are afraid of, I know SOOO much about you thats why we are so great together, but I have something for that and then there will be no problems with us being together and we will…"

“Get off my Bro, skank!”

Marsten crinked his neck to look above him and saw a writhing, undulating mass of brain and slime.

“We go way back. Way before you can along.”

“He’s moved up in the multiverse since then, he doesn’t need OR WANT you. So keep you slimey, DISGUSTING… parts to youself,” Sinnndy retorted to the Mindmass. “Baby, you are so much better than this loser”

“Bros before demonic hoes, slut. He’d rather pound beers, subsume his mind and surrender his husk to us. YA!”

As the shouting match in his head continued Marsten only had a single thought of his own in his head, “If this is a dream, why can’t I wake up?”


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