RoundTable Adventuring

Tomoe's Journal, 17

I felt like I was about to explode when I got near that weird powerful wizard… did he somehow resonate my fatness or something?? He like, removed the magic affecting me? Or did he just temporarily make me fatter than I am?? I’m sure glad it was short enough that I didn’t burst my clothes or something… My heart stopped for a few seconds while I was incapacitated though. Just what the hell happened??

…. I need to see that damned witch, and that lazy crow.


Screech #6

God damn it. I swear that crow said this trip was to fight fiends. But I haven’t seen a single one. Why have we been wasting time on this tournament? Just march in, smash the bad guys, and leave. And they arn’t even that bad, just you’re typical money grubbing human d-bags. Not that they don’t deserve an axe to the face, but I could’ve stayed at home done the same thing instead of traveling to the other side of the world.

And the fucking dragon didn’t even show up to it’s own brutal slaying! I swear if that crow was lieing to me I’m gonna pluck his feathers and wear them in my hat. Then tar and re-feather him. See how he like being a chicken instead of a crow. HA.

Screech #5?

I dont even know what we are doing here. I thought we came to fight fiends and stop them from controlling this ancient treasure hoard. But the guy in charge uses an ‘oni’ (some weird eastern demon) as a servant and it seems like we are stopping a conspiracy between the Aspis and these Golden hand people.

Well, at least i get to kill a dragon tomorrow. And hopefully finish off the last of the competition.

Oh, and the stupid crowds who wouldnt know a good fight if it cleaved them in the face. Fuck those people.

Tomoe's Journal, 16

Varro’s been… touching me a lot. I don’t know what to make of this. Roukan says I need to focus on the tournament but I’m not sure how to react when someone I’ve written off as a scary psycho slaps me on the butt or lifts me up (or, tries to). I’ll…. uh, try to ignore it. I worry about bringing it up with him because he constantly makes offhand comments about raping people to death, and has probably spent the lion’s share of his adult life (or whole life) covered in other people’s blood and gore. I’ll definitely consider the approach and… uh, maybe try to ease into it. Somehow. I always figured he disliked me, anyways… being fat has been something he’s taken shots at me over for a while now, but then again, he seemed interested when I was skinny… I have no idea what to do. Maybe he’s just “interested” but has no way to say so?

It’s a bad idea to be eating so much, by the way, but it feels like I have no say in the matter after a certain point during a meal… I almost go into a trance. Some kind of… food trance? Gretchen has expressed no ideas about solving this but would likely be interested in knowing how much faster I’ve gotten fat this time… I certainly hope it gives her some theory or something in order to finally solve this; I’m convinced it’s a curse, and the only possible source is likely still in this very country…

At any rate, our fights today could only be described as “exhausting”: a battle on a cliff face where I got shot with an arrow led into the platform fight against an oracle named Ganyavesha, one that only Screech, Varro and I dealt with. I have no idea where that person who was with us yesterday went, or Carrock for that matter, but after the cliff fight, Rhork seemed to have other things on his mind.

Regardless, Ganyavesha was one of the hardest fights I’d ever been in! Besides knocking Varro and Screech out, as soon as she started to use fire magic on me I was fairly certain she was going to cook my fat butt too…. thankfully I kept my head and they were able to be recovered. I preferred fighting on the platforms; it was fun to be so mobile, but I may need to look into upgrading Roukan’s gaiters with whatever Amarro had going on there with his shoes, just in case we have to take another drop like that (though I wonder about the effect on me even if he isn’t hurt by the jump…). Still, all of that aside, I’m a little pleased to have been put to the tempest like that and still be able to walk away. I must continue to refine my fighting style and take into account the fact that my being fat is a part of being me for the time being: the solution to this doesn’t seem as immediate as I’d thought when Gretchen had me polymorphed.

Then, Varro and Screech went to buy illicit drugs, and seemed to grin to themselves when I said I didn’t approve, Screech saying something about their “ingested delivery” to Varro before they left me, snickering. I’m… still not sure what I think of their purchase of controlled substances. The paladin keeps saying that such decisions are justifiably fine, but that’s not anything I’ve ever heard a paladin say. I really have no idea what he’s about, but he continues to receive power from his god… maybe he follows a different morality and code than others? Maybe the moral high ground and the direction of justice really are flexible and able to be interpreted? Maybe I’m too far into the “rules-focused” side of it? Or maybe he’s constantly having to atone for his actions? … I really don’t know anymore.

I’m also a little concerned about this so-called “Golden League” who’d arranged the poor man I found’s beating. Apparently they’re on the level, but if the level is where both Screech and I stand, I foresee that being open to interpretation. I must be careful when dealing with them; I think I’ll ask Carrock about it (if I ever see him again)… he’d mentioned them being involved heavily here.

When we were told there would be a delay due to the stadium being damaged I found myself wondering if I would ever get the full perspective on what’s going on here… and wonder if that’s exactly why Carrock’s here? Is he involved in these shadowy goings-on? What manner of investigation is he conducting; who is he battling? I would love to have the wider picture here.

Screech #3

I cant decide if this tournament is going to be boring or not. Some of these fighters seem to be amazingly strong and other super weak. Who decided to invites? Did theyeven think about balance of skill between teams? I could ve been the team we fought by myself.
I guess its just different levels of skill at different qualifying tournaments. Or maybe the fiends are manipulation thing.

Whatever. Fuck it. A little patience and i get to smash fiends. And in the mean time i get to smash in human faces. I guess life isnt so bad (I hope the leader of the tournament turns out to be evil. I want to kill that oni thing).

Rhork #5

this competition is confusing, some of these groups are fighters of incredible calibre, others i wonder how they were even invited to join. watching these fights is entertaining enough but i find watching Varro to be more informative, it is as though he sees layer beneath what i am able to appreciate. i should ask him about what he can determine from watching these bouts.

i remember that we have an exhibition later this day, and i find myself more excited than i have been in years to see what is in store for us. the atmosphere on this island is almost infectious with the excitement of the crowds and contenders. it is like being a child again, i wonder if my fellow teammates are feeling the same?

I wish the time would pass faster so that we can see what revelry awaits us!

Tomoe's Journal, 15

Gods… damned… spiders.

I never figured that Varro and I would see eye to eye, but here we are, the only two halflings, and I think we have an understanding: we need to never face those spiders. Period.

Barring that, we need a plan. How does one fight spiders, anyways?

Roukan seems a little more chatty than I remember, but I think he may be tired of only having me to talk to… and probably is still irritated by my size. I suppose I’m lucky that he seems to understand it more than some of the others, but it doesn’t mean he’s condoning my eating, either… ah, what a mess.

Still, we did well in our fights, and I feel that we might have a real chance… but those spiders came out. Brr… I just KNOW they’re going to go after me! Master of Masters, this is a nightmare! And here I am, waddling around, eating food non-stop… Watching that fight gave me nightmares.

I shall need to prepare myself to fight against such foes… I feel that I won’t be lucky enough to fight in such favorable conditions as the last challenge going forward, especially since the spiders made use of webbing… then there were the rumors of a change to the arena…

Is it any wonder I’ve been stress eating?!

Rhork #4

I must admit i am a little in awe of this place. all these people and competitors shows how large the world truly is. it will be difficult to get a proper rest tonight as i am filled with the energy of this place, it is almost palpable the excitement among the contestants. Varro especially is almost vibrating with the desire to test his mettle against all these people from across the world. I understand that a great treasure is to be made available to those who conquer all comers in this tournament. while i am intrigued at this thought, it is of little importance to me personally, as just being here and given the chance to see and watch and fight all these mighty powers is invigorating enough for me. For now i will simply bask in the atmosphere and look forward to the events of tomorrow.

Screech #2

Demon, Daemons,and Devils. I suppose being on another quest to fight the denizens of the lower planes is not a bad thing. Many paladins would relish being in the fights that i have. Crushing evil and saving the multiverse. (I still dont see why that witch wouldnt shut up about me not helping these Arodin idiots. She doesnt seem to realize that good people can do evil things or that there may be unintended consequences.)

But it seems all that Im doing is destroying. And even if Im destorying things that deserve it, it would be nice to create something for once. To be able to see the fruits of my labor. . .

Tomoe's Journal, 14

=The following page has a severe slant and the ink has spurted several times; it is obvious it was written with a lot of pressure on the pen. As normal these days, food debris litters the page as well=
Gods-damned Gretchen and her gods-damned spell and everything! This is a DISASTER! And of course she can’t be bothered to actually check and make sure her little schemes actually worked since she got access to that gods-damned archive; how dare she simply ignore this!! I thought I’d be able to deal with things since she polymorphed me out of the gods-damned sphere I’d become, but I’m getting fatter even faster than before!

=(she trails off into a bunch of Tien words, likely swearing by the interspersing usage of a variety of gods’ names (particularly Aria’s) within)=

I think she knew. I think that girdle she fitted me with was part of it; it keeps growing with me! Or she screwed up the spell; everything’s making me hungry now, and I’m overeating to the point of throwing up a lot more often, which is just… this is a disaster! My throat’s always raw, and then I feel like I’m starving when I take even a few hours away from food for it to recover… I don’t even know if I’ll be able to fight by the time we get there! I gained steadily as we traveled to Almas, then got so big on that interminable boat ride to Goka that I’d outgrown my gods-damned robe again by the time we stood upon the sands of the stadium! I’m sure it’s this girdle!

=It seems that she removed it following this=

Okay, maybe not… she had said it would help me move nimbly; as soon as I took it off I started having trouble even bending at the waist. Those three hours out of it trying to meditate didn’t help either; I could only think about food. I… she says she can’t find the “thread to pull” to understand what’s happening to me, and that all attempts to figure it out are failing…. damn it. I don’t know what to do. I’m so worried these days, and I can’t tell if she’s actually researching this with all of that soul research or if she’s just indulging some other perversion. Damn her.

That girl from the Aspis group, too… I’m going to need to keep my head. If I can’t control my eating I’ll at least have to control my reactions to the jabs of others; losing control of my anger in such an event could spell disaster for our chances at succeeding here. If my opponents think me to be the weakest among the group from my appearance, I must surprise them with my skill, instead.

And of course, gods-damned Rhork. Things are so easy to “understand” from the outside, but I see zero attempt on his part to understand what I’m going through. At least he stopped trying to starve me… ohhh, I’d forgotten how much I disliked his company!

And then there’s that whole thing with Amarro, which is what made me want to do this in the first place! Gretchen says they met me in that archive, then he says that I did… something, and is now being as awkward as I always am! I couldn’t get a damned straight answer out of him! He’s acting all weird… oh gods, why me?? Does nothing turn out?? Am I doomed to just live life as the butt of some massive joke?! And speaking of massive butts…!!


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