RoundTable Adventuring

Amarro #19

Whoops, i’m going to owe Artanis drinks for life after that one…. but honestly who would have expected someone to stand right back up after being killed twice before in the previous 10 seconds?!

Ugh Tomoe is giving me the worst look, like I kicked a puppy or something… no one is ever going to let me forget this one i’m sure of it…. aww shit, i’m going to have to reset that stupid counter on that stupid sign…

Tomoe's Journal, 19

=The following has been written on a soot-smeared page in a flowing, elegant hand. While the translation from Tien leaves much to be desired, it is arranged poetically; a meditation of battle and loss=
With the clarity I have finally been granted comes regret.

I don’t know what I’ve promised to do, and I fear that it may (will) take more from me than I ever hoped. If I’m lucky; IF I haven’t created a disaster of my waking life, I shall face the inevitable horrors of my afterlife with the same dedication I devoted to living. I cannot control everything (anything), but I fear having given away more than I could have ever given.

If they kill me, I’m assuming I go to the abyss, to be grilled over a flame for all of eternity… and yet, I will make sure that they must increase their containment measures to contest me, and I don’t mean size: I intend to die at a level of power that will make whoever holds my chain tremble. I fear for the world and my allies, but I don’t fear for myself. I’ve seen hellish life, and I’ve seen what these creatures do.

I would make the decision again. Nobody should live this way. I just hope nobody dies this way, either.

Screech #11

Well i thought i would have a chance to ‘beseech’(?) the queen to get her to arrest the head wizard and we could have a good old fashion inquisition to find devil worshippers, but the devils have saved me time and all appeared on thier own. Yay!

Best cleasing ever!

And i’ll probably have to kill some wizards afterwards. Stupid weak humans. Always trying to gain power the easy way.

Screech #10

So this is actually turningout better than I thought it would. I’m here killing fiends instead of idiot wizards and thier arcane abominations. I love killing fiends.

Plus there ’s the spree when I get out to look forward to. Someone set up this soul harvest and someone has been maintaning it. So that person will get an axe to the face several times.

Probably gonna have to kill this moron wizard we rescued. “Derrr, I sold my soul for the chance to get my spell book back instead of a way off this plane. I’m retarded. Derrr.” Or if the fiend kill him first, destroy his soul.

I wonder how long a halfing can go before he has to save vs cannabalism…

Amarro #18

so as usual, things got weird. so far we have encountered: a bottle with my name on it, time dilation, a devil contract and a dead body of a man who walked through a door less than 3 minutes before us. Now we are locked in a building(?) with invisible devils and a torture victim. Suffice to say, we’re the only things who are going to live to see the end of the day, because everything in here that isn’t us is officially on my shit list. TBD if anyone outside is also on the shit list, but there’s plenty of room on the list.

Screech #9

This whole thing is going to end with us fighting the newest ‘masterpiece’ of some deranged wizard as he chackes about how we will never stop him and he will rule the world.

I mean, seriously, every year a dozen people go ino this trap and none ever come out. And there are no bodies the next day. Or people who turned chicken and sat in the starting area and never moved.

If this isn’t some crazy necromancer or cult culling bodies for some freaky ritual, i’m just gonna be disappointed

Tomoe's Journal, 18

I don’t think this is going to happen.

Between Gretchen telling me Amarro was “weird” after they helped out the temple of Cayden Cailean here in town and his somewhat confusing behavior, I’m beginning to think he’s not on the menu. He’s never seen me fat, so as soon as we returned to Oregent I had Gretchen renew the spell, and I went to see him: I figured he’d like seeing me as my slim, cute self, and then I could see what he was feeling. The results have been… at this point, sadly expected: either he knows something he’s not letting on, or he likes men. Or he doesn’t like me.

… Or I don’t know what I’m doing. I might just start assuming that, to be honest. Still, it’s been neverending interest in other women anywhere between my age and his, but never me. I’m honestly baffled at this point. Does he secretly know how fat I am or something? If I were more insecure than this, I’m certain this would be extremely upsetting, but he really hasn’t encouraged my attraction at all… I don’t get it.

Bleh, anyways…

I’ll admit to feeling some anxiety: Gretchen had told me to stay put after making me thin again yet here I am, off on some fool errand. Thankfully I haven’t gained any weight since she slimmed me down a few days ago, and I was just honestly kind of desperate to have the chance to use “my” body once more, before I blew up into a ball again… I’m not really familiar with all of the magic involved in my situation, but she said that it was “obviously a magical affliction”, and looked extremely concerned (if even for a moment) when examining me upon my return, besides the usual flush she has when we speak (I’m sure she’d leave me fat if she could have her way). Still, I was sure she wouldn’t be too upset if I went to spend the evening at the guild hall, but suddenly we were invited for a weekend away and I honestly couldn’t say no… Well, I brought along a bunch of those small tablets she told me to eat and my fat pants in case something weird happens like in the arena; I’d say that’s my due diligence covered. I figure she won’t be too upset; I brought the bag of tablets, after all.

I’m not normally a “letter of the law” person, but besides the intense restlessness I felt just sitting around our apartments, I felt a sort of overwhelming desire to seek out actual food, despite Gretchen’s suggestion otherwise and the implication that I eat only the tablets. … So I… wait, am I trying to justify disobeying her advice??

… Well, I’ll just eat them whenever I’m especially hungry, and that should cover what she wanted.

I’m just so restless! Honestly, I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve barely felt that gnawing hunger or overwhelming anxiety since returning… Are the tablets some kind of medication? Or was it me getting a trip home to Tian Xia out of my system? It felt like ages since I’d left, but it’s barely been a year… Regardless, I’ve not eaten anything but those tablets since she told me to start them, and I’m honestly beginning to forget what food tasted like. Yes, this trip was a good idea, if only for that.

… Well, I guess I’ll just put it from my mind and see how this weekend plays out.

Amarro #17(?)

sometimes good things Do just fall into your lap! bored out of my mind yesterday and Tomoe being weird…er than usual all day and suddenly this kid shows up with an offer to actually get Paid to break into a Wizards College, at the behest of the wizards themselves! fuck yeah i’m interested in that. things have been really quiet and boring since Carrock dissappeared into that damned vault a few weeks ago… almost as if no one is getting any jobs… weird….

Screech #8

This while trip has been bullshit! No fiends of any kind to fight, a crap dagon who died so fast he is barely worth mentioning, and a big crime orginization in charge of everything. “We just let the Golden Hand lie and cheat and steal and try to overthrow the tournament. We’re fine with that.” Maybe those people would still be alive if you god damned monk had given a shit.

And in the end we don’t even get to choose the reward. Charrok gets to do that… where is that damn crow? Aww fuck it! I’ll just go build an orphanage or something.

Screech #7

Yay! Dragon!

Dradondragondragondragon dragon dragondragondragondragondragondragondragondragomdragondragondragondragondragondragon… breaths in… dragondragondragondragondragondragondragondragondragondragondragondragondragondragondragon.

I’m gonna kill the shit out of you dragon


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