Toma's Sword

Medium Masterwork Noqual Greatsword

weapon (melee)

This impressive pale-green crystal sword was found leaning against the grave of the adventurer Toma Levine.

Masterwork Noqual Greatsword
Medium, 4 lbs
2d6 + 1.5x STR dmg
-has + 4 bonus on any saving throw made against a magical source
-has a + 1 enhancement bonus on damage rolls against constructs and undead created by feats or spells
-costs an additional 5,000g to make noqual magical


Toma’s grave was found near the road to Purt from Tamran in the Marideth River Valley, a place of contention between the Nirmathi and Molthuni forces. The inscription on the grave was as follows:

“The great adventurer Toma Levine rests here… 4th of Gozran, 4634”

A nearly-empty bottle of an unidentified alcohol was near the grave, and when Tyler’s character drank what remained, an encounter was triggered.

It is unclear what Toma was doing in the region, but he was always said to be searching for a legendary material which he intended to make armor out of: The so-called “Rainbow Shell”. It’s unknown if he was successful, or if he gained any information about its existence. The properties of the “Rainbow Shell” are unclear, and he’s never given more information about where he heard of it, but it is believed that he intended to face the Spawn of Rovagug while wearing armor made from the shell.

Toma's Sword

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