Shroud of Naven

death shroud of Naven


Value: Unknown About forty years in debtor’s prison
Found: Acquired at The Travellers Stop Inn Bluff from Chartreux convinced the professor that the adventurers would take the shroud back to Willowroot (a long dead druid) in exchange for borrowing The Panoply of Naven. mild evil act
Creator: Professor Phineus Crane
Use: Art (unable to be sold at the local general store or to a fence)

Keep in party loot perhaps it could be a story hook or something we can sell to a collector for a tidy sum should we encounter one in the future. The value should be above the market value of “Bright Flame” meaning we should store it safely and will have to track whom is carrying it.


“The subject of my exhibits here at the Travelers Stop is a form of artistry called shrouding. By using certain reagents and magical properties, this art allows the image of a corpse or mummy to be captured orthographically—that is to say, with height, width, and depth—on the linen shroud in question. It was once a common technique among the burial practices of certain ancient cultures but has largely been lost today.
Five years ago, a druid named Willowroot located and recovered five artifacts that once belonged to a forgotten king named Narven. I want you to travel to his home in the forest and secure the five items on loan and bring them to me here at the inn. With them I can create a shroud of their
former master. Advise Willowroot that for the use of the panoply the items will, of course, be returned and that I will create a second shroud for him to keep, finally giving the burial honor to King Narven that has been denied him for 200 years. I leave it to you to find a way to convince the druid of my proposal."

Shroud of Naven

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