Maganrad's Spell book


LvL 0 – All Wizard Spells

LvL 1 – Bungle, Charm Person, Delusional Pride, Hypnotism, Keep Watch, Lock Gaze, Memory Lapse, moment of Greatness, Sleep, Sow Thought, Unprepared Combatant, See Alignment, Ray of Sickening, Air Bubble

LvL 2 -Bestow Insight, Bestow Weapon Proficiency, Compassionate Ally, Daze Monster, Delay Pain, Hideous Laughter, Oppressive Boredom, Qualm, Seducer’s Eyes, Tactical Acumen, Touch of Mercy, Touch of Idiocy, Unnatural Lust, Aram Zey’s Focus, Limp Lash, Dread Bolt

LvL 3 – Buisness, Booms, Charitable Impulse, Hold Person, Nixie’s Lure, Reckless Infatuation, Suggestion, Unadulterated Loathing, Communal Share Language, Marionette Possession, Battering Blast

LvL 4 – Confusion, Crushing Despair, Malicious Spite, Sacrifice, Terrible Remorse, Arcane Eye, Geb’s Hammer, Telekinetic Charge

LvL 5 – Curse of Disgust, Mind Fog, Smug Narcissism, Contact Other Plane, Waves of Fatigue, Fire Snake


This book was recovered from Belzeragna during The Breaching Festival. Maganrad fell to a Devourer named Valshune. Unfortunately, for Valshune Maganrad, had already signed his sole to a Barbed Devil named Nagxiv. Maganrad sold his sole to bolster his magical abilities (mostly in the school of enchantment).

Maganrad's Spell book

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