Brightflame Dagger

magic dagger

weapon (melee)

This item is Available for Purchase

Value: 5902 gp
Found: In a bush by Amarro just off the road leading towards The Travellers Stop Inn.
Creator: Unknown previously owned by a nameless Hobgoblin Scout killed by Grelm Hammerlock of the Black Banner. (in what he claims was a fair fight)
Use: This +1 dagger provides its bearer with cold resistance 2 while it is in their possession (does not have to be wielded to provide this resistance).


The Black Banners looted the hobgoblin but left behind one valuable item lost in a nearby bush, which partially conceals the hobgoblin’s dagger. The hobgoblin threw the dagger at one of the mercenaries, and it was lost in the dark.

The dagger’s tang, bolster, and blade’s centre appear made of liquid flame. The word “Brightflame” is inscribed on its hilt in Draconic.

Brightflame Dagger

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