Xersus Theodorineirin Vilheallma Abergris

LN male gnome Arcanist / Riftwarden


LN middle-aged male gnome Arcanist 8 / Riftwarden 3


“Tell me… what do you know of demons?”

Hailing from Ustalav, Xersus has a somewhat prune-skinned complexion, and he is prone to dramatically blinking. While professional, the gnome is a little hard to deal with due to his arrogance, but he is correct: he is one of the best sources of information on demons.

A historian as well, Xersus’ skills are in great demand at the Worldwound, so he is often on the move, but he is easy enough to recruit whenever demons are involved, often arriving via a portal of some kind. His practice of demon hunting and research is headquartered in Absalom, as he is also a Riftwarden and works with them on a regular basis. When not fighting demons he is in constant pursuit of the Blackfire Adepts, seeking to undo their attempts at destabilizing this realm through extraplanar influence. He also works with Pathfinders on a regular basis; as an expert on his field he goes where his skill is needed.

He never fails to verbally punish ineptitude and tends to hold on to a negative impression for a long time (as could be seen in his interactions with Marica, who he seems to dislike). Nonetheless, he was aided by the faun in dealing with the demonic issues which took place in the Oregent temple of Cayden Cailean before he was attacked by a primordial dream-eating demon which had possessed a cleric of the temple. The effect had shaken him considerably, the shock causing him to begin to Bleach. He recovered in time with magical therapy, but he bears signs of having brushed too close to loss of purpose, his hair bearing some dramatic white streaking.

Xersus Theodorineirin Vilheallma Abergris

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