Nicodemus Nihm

Death to all casters


Nicodemus’ earliest memories are of a wonderful place with more food, water, and play things than anyone could want. Days and days of tunnelling through wood shavings, playing with his brothers and sisters, running on wheels and even a group of cousins across the way under the strange symbols ‘CONTROL’.

But good times couldn’t last. Soon strange things began to happen to his friends. The others began to become violent, attacking and shrieking at each other for no reason. Seeing things that weren’t there. Everyday the horrors increased and the personalities of his friends disappeared, until finally one day he could no longer avoid the violence and was forced to kill one of his brothers.

Hiding in a corner, unable to sleep because of the nightmares caused by what he had done, Nico finally saw their masters for the first time. Weird creatures with no fur, long robes and glowing symbols leaping from their fingers, they spoke in arcane phrases. “Cerebral swelling”, “Violent psychotic episodes”, “Autopsy”. And then he realized, “They are doing this to us!”

Fashioning crude tools out of the discarded bone shards that had grow through the skin of another victim of this cruel place, Nico picked the locks to his cage and was free for the first time in his life.

Such powerful ‘Masters’ sleeping in their beds, “Wizards”, “Clerics”, and “Sorcerers”. The power to provide everything his kin had needed to survive, the power to twist his family into abominations, the power to turn his home into a cage. Nico did not make their deaths quick or clean.

For those he shared a cage with there was no salvation. Too twisted to live in society he was forced to kill them. Those in the other cage, who feared he may be one of the horrible monsters they had watched for months but having no other option, followed him to Absolom and now he kills to raise money to support them, but more importantly for vengeance.

Nicodemus Nihm

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