They say life begins at 20 but for Marrok it was 57. Until then life was simply passing by the window of is 10ft. by 10ft. hut. He had no wife nor child, he wasn’t a respected elder or chief. In fact he was thought of as a solitaire – not some far off mountain hermit though like you might read about in in Saigyō, Kamo no Chōmei, Yoshida Kenkō or any of those other recluses’ writings in Shokuro – for Marrok did still live in his tribal village so solitaire really was the best word. That was as I was saying until 17 years ago when something Mythic happened.

That Mythic thing would be the high jarl of Tusk Mountain, Gnargorak. Marrok’s lowly village was no enemy of the jarl, it just suffered from the unfortunate position of being between the high jarl and whichever mammoth lord he was hunting that day. When Gnargorak battled his way through the village as easily as would have the Terrasque or some other far off horror Marrok did not run, he simply sat in his hut as he always did. It was due to this that Marrok would survive the onslaught of the mountain king where so many had not. He would go unnoticed.

With his village destroyed and no other survivors known. Marrok not only had to leave his hut, a venture he had not undertaken in several dozen months, but leave the village in search of food. Embattled by the harsh cold Marrok took the form of a young wolf. Finding this form stronger, faster, and hardier he ventured far outside of the domain of the mammoth lords and the high jarl, beyond the Gullik and Marbleflow Rivers and into the Linnorm kingdoms. The journey was slow, Marrok was not able to endure as much travel in a day as he would have liked the entire trek taking nearly two years.

In the comparable warmth of the Linnorm Kingdoms Marrok began to settle down. not in a human village as one might expect but into a small wolf pack, some 20-30 wolves that migrated between Icemark and the Thanelands. He would admit that his years of solitude prepared him for this foray into wolf kind. Marrok was use to being alone, and in his pack he was always alone, and he was never alone, he liked it. His intelligence and magic caused him to quickly climb the pack hierarchy, from omega to beta, to alpha.He spent many years among them.

It is unclear why Marrok ever left the wolf pack. Perhaps the earth shifted, or a god called on him for some ordeal, whatever it was Marrok felt compelled to leave his pack. He followed his feet, arriving in Kalsgard at the exact moment that fate demanded he should. Happening upon the witch Gretchen as she was being hunted by a conspiracy of Blackravens. He would help the witch to escape immediate danger. Hunted too by the black ravens Marrok and Gretchen would escape from the Linnorm Kingdoms.

What lies ahead is unknown, but Marrok believes that some greater force brought him to her. where she leads Marrok will follow.


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