LG female faun Paladin / Bard


LG female faun Paladin of Erastil (Divine Hunter of the Holy Light) 6 / Bard (Arcane Duelist) 6


Marica is a resident of Arthfell Forest in Andoran and can usually be found somewhere within the forest along the path from Oregent to Piren’s Bluff (a small town which is located on the other side of the forest).

She has “claimed” the forest as being under her protection, and has proven quite adept at protecting it and its denizens. She lives among other fauns of the forest and some treants, and often will help travelers get through the forest without incident, intending to offer the reminder that they do not pass unnoticed.

She earned her adventuring stripes several years prior helping the Pathfinders explore the refound city of Saventh Yhi in the Mwangi Expanse, her adventure terminating with putting down the fallen god Ydersius for good, taking him to Pharasma’s throne room and having him judged.

She deemed all of that to be too “big picture” for her simple tastes, and so retired to keep home safe. In her times of boredom she had fought demons with other adventurers, eventually being noticed by Brother Baldimar of the temple of Cayden Cailean; he desired help in cataloging demons, and she offered her expertise. The outcome wasn’t as desirable as she would have hoped, but ultimately the work continued under Gretchen’s guidance following the death of Baldimar.

She was infrequently within Oregent during this time, spending most of her time out of the city, continuing on the research or guarding the forest.

Gretchen’s departure from Oregent following the Breaching Festival’s somewhat-downer conclusion left a power vacuum in the research team, and Marica was forced to step into a partial-administration role. Gretchen graciously expanded the library the team worked with with her own materials (the 100 lbs of demon research liberated in her trip to Abaddon with the RoundTable Guild, mostly) before leaving, and thankfully Marica didn’t have to catalogue any of it (it magically sorted itself). Her team somewhat flattened in command structure due to Marica’s hesitation to lead the team, and she wasn’t chained to the command chair when all was said and done; she was still able to go out into the world and help with the collection of research material in person.

As for the siege, Marica was outside of Oregent when the force pyramid went up, having returned to the forest following Gretchen’s move into the lab’s residential quarters and immediate departure to collect some of her things, mostly because she was gathering that she would need to be within the laboratory a bit more often. Returning to find the city contained she realized that, powerful paladin or not, she was not enough to solve the problem. She traveled to Almas to bring help, after rallying her woodland friends to batter upon the force wall.


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