Female Human Summoner


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Well the original copy of her backstory is lost, so I’ll just roll with it. (Ultimate campaign background, go!)

Magdalyn was born in Taldor, in a cabin a couple miles away from Bellis. Her father was a wizard and her mother a sorcerer, so from early on she was raised around magic. Her older brother constantly teased her for not being able to use any magic at all. Shortly after she turned 12, her brother was already a mid-level sorcerer. However, surpassing both his parents in magic wasn’t enough to him. He wanted more power. He turned towards the dark magic and sacrificed both his parents to demons while Magdalyn helplessly watched. He laughed at the despair on Magdalyn’s face, and left her to die in that cabin.

From then Magdalyn wanted one thing more than anything else, revenge. Which is when she summoned Snowball for the first time. For 5 years, she travelled the world in search of her brother, to no avail. Upon her search she met Zac Rumos, a paladin of the Pathfinders. He fell in love with her though she thought of him as nothing more than a nuisance with connections. So of course, she lied to him and led him on to get whatever she wanted. Which happened to be a quick entry into the Pathfinder Society. From there she worked for a little less than a year, when she was sent off to explore Saventh-Yhi. When she was captured there, her obedience to the Pathfinder Society crumbled. After being rescued, she left their service and set out to return to her cabin near Bellis.

Along the way, she was attacked by a succubus, Snowball easily defeated her, but Magdalyn wanted the succubus to serve her. In exchange for her life, Cortitha, the succubus agreed. Magdalyn first used Cortitha, or Corti for short to track down her brother. From there it was a matter of showing her brother that Snowball gets very very upset when someone tries to mess with her, and also that he has very sharp claws.

After slaughtering her brother, Magdalyn went to Bellis. She was going to release Corti once she got there, but thought better of it. Her instinct told her something was going to happen. Shortly after, the first of the Fellnight Spriggans attacked. It didn’t take long for Magdalyn to realize their source, the Fellnight realm. It took even less time for her to realize she wanted that timeless realm for herself. So Magdalyn hatched a plan with Corti, Corti would disguise herself as Magdalyn and the two would search for ‘brave heroes’ to find a way into the Fellnight Realm and defeat the Fellnight Queen.

They sent a total of 3 groups, the first two did nothing more than get captured by the Spriggans, luckily showing Magdalyn the way in. The last group managed to get inside the Fellnight Realm but were decimated by the Queen. Snowball dethroned the Queen with enough ease. By that point, Corti had enough of being Magdalyn’s servant, she attacked Magdalyn, and learned the slow and painful lesson of to never hit Magdalyn when Snowball is watching.

What happened after Magdalyn took the Fellnight Realm for herself? Only time will tell.


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