Gurōtsu's spirit animal


Gurōtsu is designated as Jirōbō’s “ward”, the object or creature the kami is to be partnered with. As such, it appears somewhat like the old bird, but only so much as it wants to appear; indeed, its appearance is more of a crude mockery of the shaman: a tiny humanoid looking not unlike a bipedal raccoon, with feathery protrusions sticking out ridiculously. It also either has a beaked face or wears a long-nosed mask with a bemused (or confused) expression on its face, and its head rattles slightly as it waddles around the shaman in its geta.

Jirōbō was gifted by the kami of the Forest of Spirits to join Gurōtsu on his journey, as he is known to be forgetful, and is likely to need help. The old bird was to bring the kami home at the end of his travels though, so he keeps Jirōbō as safe as possible, a detail which irks the proud kami. This frustration is displayed in Jirōbō never returning to its fully incorporeal form, even when in danger; it remains within a blurred, partially-there state at all times, which makes it rather difficult to notice at times.

Jirōbō never audibly speaks, and yet Gurōtsu and it have deep and regular conversations.


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