Female Human Ninja


This name is so unoriginal and obviously lacking in any creative thought, I thought this would be the best name to give to a slave.

S 10
D 23
C 12
I 14
W 10
C 14

HP 73
Init 8
Speed 40 Climb 20

Fort 7
Ref 16
Will 7

Single Attack 16 1d6 3 (3 Daemon bane Claw Blade)
TWF Main 12/7 1d6 1 (1 Claw Blade) May drop first main hand to feint instead
TWF Off 14/9 1d 6 3 (3 Daemon bane Claw Blade)
Claws 13/13 1d6 1 (Natural attacks)
5d8 sneak

Ki 7 Points:
Greater Invis as swift action for 10 rounds
Extra attack at highest bab

Acrobatics 19
Bluff 15
Climb 22
Disable Device 21
Escape Artist 19
Linguistics 15
Perception 14
Profession: Mercenary 13
Sense Motive 13
Sleight of Hand 19
Stealth 20


Much of her history is unknown but apparently she has some history with Aria when Aria was still mortal.

Nekoko works as a Sister of Battle, a mercenary group she has started to do work for little to no profit. However, the group is currently just her so she is charging a little more than she’d like to get her group started.

Sisters of Battle ideally only do important or otherwise urgent work for those who need it. Jobs like providing escort or fetch quests are usually declined and left to other mercenaries. They also do not accept jobs from those who would only request their services to save some coin. They are a charity mercenary group in ideal. Though (name) is not sure whether she can hold true to her ideals when she needs money to build her group.

Description of Appearance:
With light brown almost orange hair (Name) is 5’1, weighing 95 pounds. She has emerald green eyes. She wears a red jacket overtop of a white long sleeved shirt. Her shorts are a leathery brown with a hole in the back for her tail. She wears mismatching black striped stockings. Her left leg being pink and her right leg purple. She wears black softpaw boots.


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