Ekatarina Falisha Mlakar


Ekatarina Falisha Mlakar was born in the former capital of Ustalav, Ardis. Her mother died when she was very young, so her drunken elfish father raised her. Her childhood was filled with abuse, but a light shown within her she was good in those. She ran away from home at the age of eight falling in with a gang. They would teach her how to live off the street and in return she found many a plentiful meal for them most of which involved cooking a rat or stray cat on a spit. As they grew up Ekatarina kept the gang out of trouble, she discouraged members from thievery and other illegal activities. Which made what came next all the more shocking to them.

At the age of fourteen Ekatarina was sentenced to two years in prison for arson, a crime for which she had pleaded her innocence. In truth she did just happen to be a convenient target to take the fall. Prison did not agree with her. Constant flashbacks to the abuse she suffered with her father broke her down and remade her. No more would she be a child trying to escape the world’s evils. She would embrace those evils and in so doing carve her own sense of justice across Golarion. It was at this time in her life that her bloodline became manifest, gaining powers beyond that of her inmate, with a single touch she slew all those that had abused her, inmates and guards included. After one failed escape attempt she was able to free herself.

She would be on the run for as long as was in Ustalav she quickly realized that she’d need to leave. But she had one last thing to do. She returned home after 9 years to find her father so drunk he couldn’t recognize her. Disgusted by him and what he had she took his. Taking her dagger to the passed out elf’s neck and ending his life in one cut. She had expected to feel the release of all the negativity she has built up over her life. But she didn’t she felt nothing.

Over the past ten years she’s found her self in legal trouble and even prison multiple times but the combination of her power and guile make her a very elusive and hard to hold target. She keeps on the move taking high paying jobs where she can. Keeping only a single permanent residence in Kaer Maga. She puts very little value on the lives of others and will exact her personal justice on anyone that she feels has wronged her.

Ekatarina Falisha Mlakar

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