Adopted by an outcast elven wizard Chartreux grew up in a relatively safe and stable environment until at age 16 in the midst of the awakening of her Sorcerer abilities she decided “You’re not my REAL father” and “I hate this place”, and ran away from home. Four years later she has realized that that was a stupid move.

Before she lived on the outskirts of society protected by her adopted father, now she uses her other planar appearance and 0-level spells to con gullible people into believing her ‘psychic predictions’ in the guise of Miss Cleo (with the Jamaican accent and everything). Always running ahead of accusations of being evil based on her race or scamming the stupid, or simply having tapped a town out of available coin Chartreux has learned the value of packing light, always having enough food to last at least a week, and “shoot first, no questions.”

She spends these days in the town of Bumblescum (cuz I dont know the real name) drinking in a local tavern, telling the fortunes of the local housewives while trying to avoid bringing public or legal attention to herself. Chartreux is literally down to her last gold.

Physical Description

Chartreux appears almost exactly the same as a Catfolk (and most often tries to pass herself off as one) with extremely rare coloring. Like –
Chartreux except more like Images
She has rare grey-blue fur and blue hair. Two small horns that grow from her forehead and curve along her skull, and eyes of swirling orange smoke betray her outsider heritage.

Alignment – CN

On GvE scale, Chartreux is more NNG than N. She wants to be Good but the world is a cruel, unfair place that requires a person to look out for themselves first and others second (or third behind the loot). After years of lying, cheating, stealing, backstabbing (not literal), and generally being on the wrong side of the law she wonders if just ‘she’ is incapable of being good or if tieflings are incapable of being good. And she cant decide which would be worse.


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