"... Let's not get carried away: he fell onto those swords. Repeatedly."


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“The goddess of death sends a holy dreadmasque to rebuke the vile undead • his work never dies.”

“Voices of the Spire”


The most memorable feature of this blue and black-plumed tengu is probably his mask, which entirely covers his face and upper beak. It is subtly reflective, taking on the colour of the surrounding area, and it bears a squinting expression.

Carrock makes a habit of keeping a low-key appearance. He often wears a bandanna under a tricorne hat alongside a poncho, keeping his body concealed without being conspicuous about it. Clad in a Tien kimono, he usually fights with the right side of his torso freed from the material, making his armor more obvious in such situations but otherwise just hanging his elbow within the slack material atop his belt. His feet and forearms are wrapped in cloth, and he wears loose pants which are tied at his shins. He wears no shoes, and moves with quiet grace upon his taloned feet, which have short, carefully-trimmed claws.

Thrust into his wide belt are two blades: a slender, slightly curved single-edged sword without a hilt (Ishiki no Kyōkai-sen, aka “Border of Consciousness”) and a long knife (Gen Kiba, aka “Silver Fang”), while within his left sleeve is a spring-loaded sheath containing a backup weapon, a divinely-empowered blade (Unmei no Hasami, aka “Fate’s Shears”) for when things get too “intimate” to engage with his dueling blade. He tends to tap out the pipe he carries on the handle of the sword, but otherwise seems to take extremely good care of his weapons.

He has a habit of checking a pocket watch he carries, and his equipment generally seems carefully tailored to both not impede his movements and be easily accessed.

  • Seems overly concerned with the timing of things.
  • Is in the business of dealing with undead, and is something of a researcher when it gets right down to it, or a “specialist”. He’s more interested in understanding the undead he faces so that he can better fight them in the future.
    • Deals with the undead in an impersonal manner. He views the soul as trapped, and sees the flesh as the prison. As soon as he’s slain an undead, he gets into his rites to purify the corpse and put it in the ground. Whoever the person was before their transformation is unimportant to him, though if they willingly transformed and were an intelligent undead, he can be more cruel.
  • Lies almost constantly, when he can. Believes in the “need-to-know” system.
  • Prefers to duel the “master” of the undead he encounters himself, and has honed his swordplay to the point that he can take on an intelligent undead on his own. While magic gives him some trouble, he nonetheless utilizes his presence and skill with the blade to prevent them from casting their dark magic. He employs “help” in order to occupy the expected horde of unintelligent undead often surrounding the necromancers, as he isn’t very skilled in fighting packs of foes.
  • Is very fond of Rumboozle.

The tengu known as “Carrock” is in actuality a former bandit and criminal from Kwanlai, within Tian Xia. His true name, “Riller”, is known by very few creatures, and even less on Avistan. None even from his village remember his surname.

Carrock is someone who understands necromancy and its lure well, which is why he resists it so fervently. He’d had a bond mate who was similarly a bandit, and they’d lived a life of constant battle and theft. One particular job was actually a trap, and Riller’s bondmate and many of their gang was killed by the clan of ninjas their favorite magistrate victim had hired, seeking retribution upon the criminals who weakened his hold on the region. Barely escaping with his life, Riller was distraught.

The gang dissolved, and Riller moved on to study necromancy desperately for an opportunity to revive his beloved. His tale notes that he succeeded, but as is common, was unable to restrain the reborn product of his work. When his creation escaped his control and ravaged the countryside he was quickly pointed out as the perpetrator of the act, forced to elude capture at the same time that he tracked his walking shame in his effort to solve the mistake made. Many died to the monstrosity, and the region worked itself into a man-hunt frenzy.

The attacks extended beyond his effort to contain them and he was defeated in a confrontation with his beloved, his unconscious body being easily collected by those hunting them, as it was believed that he controlled the monster, and the magistrate crowed at the imprisonment of a menace to public order.

Riller was jailed and sentenced to be executed, but the attacks continued unabated. In the dead of night on the eve of his execution, he was visited by the most unlikely of sources: clerical assassins of the church of Pharasma itself. Despite being a convicted necromancer he was not killed, as so many necromancers before him at the hand of the dreadmasques of the order. Instead, he was broken out of the jail and commanded to either finish fixing his mistake or die at that moment; his personal conviction apparently had impressed their hidden order of clerical monster hunters enough for them to help him resolve the situation. Aided in his work by the dreadmasques, he was guided toward the daylight resting place of his beloved, finally able to put her to rest.

His work complete, the dreadmasques immediately returned him to the jail, but had his sentence reduced to lifetime imprisonment; his efforts resolving the issue but his crimes leaving him to endure the fallout of his sins alone. Several years of jail later, he was eventually visited by the dreadmasques of Pharasma, again in the darkest hours of night. The word had come down from above that he be given the opportunity to join their order: he possessed skill and dedication equal to any in the order, and rather than squander those talents, they would use them. Those who would normally intercede with a blade in the darkness instead offered a chance at solving the exact same sort of problems he’d caused.

He has since never looked back upon those years, plunging his aching heart into the cleansing stream of the church of the Lady of Graves in an attempt to never feel such loss or desire again. The foul poison of desperation clings to any who have lost their loves, and he must remain vigilant or be tempted toward the path again… but still, he keeps a single feather, always tempted to attempt a true resurrection but knowing his crimes were against her as well as all of her victims. He cannot believe he would receive forgiveness, and so the feather instead serves as a warning.

While Carrock is a favored agent of the dreadmasques now, he still remains a criminal, and the order serves as his warden. If he were ever to leave the church or earn their displeasure, well… he may find himself right back in his cage; this time for the rest of his years.

If he were to be confronted with any evidence of his past actions, he would say that he is “no longer that person”, and “that person never left his prison cell”.


As soon as his training was completed, the newly masked and named “Carrock” was dispatched to Andoran. The specific branch which handled his work was the church’s militant arm, the “Voices of the Spire”, and they were keen to see a larger presence established on Avistan; their chapter houses in Osirion, Nex and Ustalav deemed too distant to maintain the vigil against necromancy that had been noted in the region.

Assigned to the village of Falcon’s Hollow, Carrock traveled to Oregent almost immediately. The Skete of Black Friars of the Fateful Church branch of his faith nested in the town had noted the apparent presence of the necromancer, but there was talk of other things; a monster of sorts was whispered of, and the region hid some hauntings. An agent of the spire was needed.

Taking only a moment to check his bearings at the temple within the capitol of Almas, Carrock hired the late barge upriver and arrived within Oregent at 2 am. Electing to spend the night within the city’s temple to Pharasma, the tengu prepared to leave the next morning at first light, but instead received divine instruction in his daily prayers: he was to take another route; the more indirect route through Arthfell Forest to the “Travelers Stop Inn”, and must take a fortnight to reach Falcon’s Hollow, a span of time far in excess of that required for the trip. Nonetheless, his plans taking shape, the dreadmasque received directions to the inn from the priests and immediately set off, traveling alone along the road into Arthfell Forest.

Following the events with the necromancer and forge spurned in Falcon’s Hollow, the halfling Amarro stated that he’d had plans to stay in the region and possibly set up a few more jobs, if anyone had any interest. Resigned to remaining in the region to care for the son of the necromancer (Savram) and his friend (Hollin) and to ensure the necromancer had no contingencies in place for the next several months (including the possibility of a posthumous possession), Carrock remained, working with the guild and eventually helping them to actually establish themselves within Oregent.

Tasked with expanding the influence of the Voices of the Spire and the ongoing suppression of the necromancers in the region, Carrock set to work, also saddled with raising two pre-teen boys.

  • noted lack of structure; people willing to be responsible for the affairs of the guild
    • stepped to task
    • task is difficult because of his other responsibilities
    • decided to pair responsibilities and send RoundTable to handle necromancers
  • wearing himself out running around, desires the RoundTable actually deal with administration instead of drink and shoot the shit, but won’t ask anyone
    • keeps notes on people so that if someone asks to help he can put them somewhere appropriate
    • is concerned with putting someone in a role they can’t handle, so notes their strengths/weaknesses in his file on them
    • lack of people in region in general with drive is concerning him
    • hates running things

paired the RoundTable Guild with his duties with the Voices, sending the guild members off to kill powerful necromancers and undead as often as possible but leaving them largely unaware of the true purpose of their missions… Surely he courts disaster.

While he’s fairly comfortable with the task and the work, he doesn’t find a great deal of joy in administration, and has been stuck setting up most of the organization himself. He’d actually prefer doing field work, but he’s been noticing that few people ever want to step to a task, and those who prove themselves competent are always cursed with more responsibility…

  • “Seems Legit/Liemaster” – Convincing, far-reaching, and game-changing lies: 1x

-His day job is as either a temple healer (which involves helping heal poison, triage for serious wounds, and assisting with births) (uses heal, and his surgeon’s tools or midwife’s kit), or a harrower in the temple (uses his harrow equipment).
-Has two followers: Savram Vade and Hollin Hebbradan (both aged 10), whom he is raising and training in lieu of both not having guardians.

day job (temple healer/harrower): taking ten for 22 = 10.5g/week (dedicated work) income

-receives stipend from temple for support of followers
-supports himself on common quality meals 3x each day: 0.3g/day
-one common quality accommodation (2 beds within, floorspace by the fire, workbench, chairs and table): 0.5g/day
-four hot baths/week, launders clothing twice/week = 0.44g/week
= 6.04 gp/week ÷ 7 = 0.87 gp/day + random incidentals
= 1.00 gp/day


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