RoundTable Adventuring

Yoshi II

1 year ago

A peach blossom fell from a tree; it fluttered slowly toward the ground. On its way it passed over the face of a young man sleeping at the tree’s base. Yoshi awoke. The sun had just broken onto the world. Momentary disorientation set in before the events of the previous day flooded into his mind. He was about an just over an hour’s walk from the city gates, which meant over 80 minutes to the dorm in which he kept his belongings. There would be much to do today. He stood off brushed the dirt from his hakama, took his haori from the branch where it had hung for the night and donned it. They were yesterday’s cloths but they would have to do. He took off at a brisk pace but not before taking in the picturesque scene around him.

When Yoshi arrived at the dorms the sun was well into its journey across the sky. He spent what was left of the morning packing his belongings. Over the past 24 hours, thought had given way to hopelessness, which in turn gave way to resolve. There was no reason for him to stay in the river kingdoms.

After a lunch consisting of salted kreuzotter (a poisonous local snake), rice, and umeboshi, Yoshi sought out a ship that would take him down the Dagger river, across lake Encarthan, to Kerse in Druma. His ultimate goal was to get to Absalom but it was best he thought to take the journey one step at a time and search for opportunities as they presented themselves. It wasn’t hard finding ships bound for the merchant capital of lake Encarthan, but finding one that left within his short time frame proved to be the issue —after all he was to be cleared out of the dorm tomorrow. After many parlay’s with many captains, he found just the ship, The Black Mist, a small junk under the command of captain Walren. Walren had recently arrived from Tamran, the only catch was that Walren would need to make a stop at the Isle of Terror to pick up passengers should any be present, before proceeding to Kerse. With the arrangements made Yoshi would be able to leave on the morrow.

This left only one task left, to write to Yoshitomo and inform him of what had transpired and what Yoshi had planned to do to atone for the dishonor he brought to his father. In this Yoshi played the dutiful son, he did not embellish any part of the story, nor did he blame others for his misfortune, he told it straight, his father would appreciate that. After many drafts he was finally happy with what he had written, and now by candlelight sealed the letter with the Haseiwa crest, in the morning he would give his correspondence to the postal runners who would see it across continents and board The Black Mist bound for Kerse.



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