RoundTable Adventuring

Yoshi I


1 year ago

      The young elf stared at him across the desk. Her features were sharp but attractive. She wore a shade of lipstick that complemented her shoulder-length violet hair. Around her neck sat a mantle of raven feathers, the tips of which were died purple. She was clothed in a black armored corset with matching bracers and a pair of thick black leggings. She sat in an elevated chair in an attempt to hide her height, or rather lack thereof. Standing, Yoshi guessed she would have been about five-foot two, rather short for an elf. The thought had crossed Yoshi’s mind that she might be half gnome… wait, could elves and gnomes interbreed? The question would be filed away in the part of the brain reserved for momentary curiosities — questions that would be forgotten and never answered. Her expression appeared apologetic. Yoshi had travelled no less than nine months in order to study alchemy in the inner sea. He had only been studying for less than half that time before…
      “Yoshitsune,” The word pulled him out of the fugue that had briefly set in. She continued, her voice stern and forceful “I’m sorry but your acceptance to this guild was predicated on you showing some efficacy in the art of alchemy. Your entrance exams had been waved, against my judgment, at the request of Daimyo Haseiwa Yoshitomo. But, since you arrived you have not demonstrated any teachability. Its time for you to stop wasting your time and the time of the guild educators, I’ll give you till the day after tomorrow to make arrangements, gather your things and get out of the dorm.”
      Yoshi tensed, while nothing she had said was untrue, the directness with which she said it was insulting to his honor. After a moment he regained his composure. Yoshi often had to remind himself he was in a foreign land, language here is not as poetic and words are not spoken with the pretense of diplomacy. Besides acting out would be folly. The rune on her forehead marked her as a summoner and he had no intention of meeting that four-armed scorpion-like creature.
      “Yes guild mistress Tragshi, will that be all.”
      “I hope so.” Tragshi spoke with an air of finality, as if daring Yoshi to do something and simultaneously cautioning him against it. Doubtless Tragshi had expelled many people from the guild in her life, and many of them had not gone quietly. Yoshi would however; to lash out in an act of destruction or civil disorder would be dishonorable. Yoshi stood up, the legs of his hakama swaying with his movement. He walked towards the door.

      He had to think; so he allowed his feet to carry him wherever they might travel after being disconnected from the direction center of his brain. After all he’d have to scout temporary lodgings so some amount of wandering was necessary anyway. He wandered passed taverns in which he might have drunk away his self-pity. He wandered passed boxing dens where he might let off a little of his frustration. He wandered passed churches and temples where he might have prayed for guidance. He wandered passed rentals where he might have chosen to settle. He wandered passed the city gates and the slums, and the farms. He wandered until the sun began to set, thinking, introspecting, feeling.
      As the bottommost part of the sun began to sink below the horizon Yoshi found himself beneath a peach tree atop a hill some miles from the city. The tree was full of color with an abundance of white and pink blooms. Yoshi sat beneath the tree and while the sun set, he composed a poem.

      kono oka ni
      tabine shinu beshi
      chiri no magai ni
      ieji wasurete
      I seem bound to sleep
      on this hill tonight
      led astray by falling
      blossoms I’ve forgotten
      my way home

It was a beautiful poem, worthy of such a scene. As Yoshi drifted off to sleep beneath the tree he hoped he might remember it, so as to record it tomorrow.


Well written.

Yoshi I

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