RoundTable Adventuring

Tomoe's Jounal, 02

=Tomoe’s journal seems somewhat more introspective at this point onward=
I returned to the world surrounded by the monks of the monastery, most of them looking excited, a few looking relieved, and Roukan rushed in to lick my face…. ah, my wonderful doggy. I was almost immediately bombarded by questions, though, and they even pushed him away in their haste: What did I see? Did I see the source of all things? What truths had I brought back with me from the beyond? I tentatively requested time to meditate, “in order to better understand what I had seen through the veil”…

The truth of it is that I don’t know if I saw anything. I don’t recall anything but having my neck broken by that vine, its’ tendrils crushing the life from me…. I… it isn’t something I will likely forget easily. I find myself wondering, though… was I supposed to have seen something? Perhaps it is too early for me, my journey hasn’t been a long one yet, all things considered. I am young, after all… Nonetheless, I almost feel it necessary to hide here for several hours, in order to think up something to say. I spent the last hour meditating but nothing was coming… thankfully I always carry my journal, so I have been able to jump into writing while I have time alone. Perhaps I did see something, and am simply processing it. Perhaps a night of sleep will allow me-oh, by The Hand, someone’s coming…

=Several day’s worth of pages of entries are hardly noteworthy, simply being her talking about things going on, and a lot of considerations on her death. An entry follows=
It appears that, despite my expectations, the adventurers who I’d been traveling with before my death were suddenly down in the town of Falcon’s Hollow! Someone had turned them around or something; I’d figured they’d have continued on to Oregent, but instead they were causing a HUGE mess (as appears to be their style). I suppose I should be more clear, though…

One of the older of the human monks who’d been stationed in town, uh… Andrezi, that’s right, he approached the temple quickly in the late morning, dismounting in some haste and running to the training grounds where the others were, informing them of the events building there. I was not there, of course; I was still “conditioning my body” under the supervision of Sensei Hiriko, trying to work out the resurrection sickness, which really just amounted to running water all day, for several days now (augh, still so sore). I arrived with that particular run of water and was quickly brought up to speed: They had arrived in town, killed the town’s wizard, and run off into the forest… something like that. The Gavel, an absolutely reprehensible man, had gotten the town worked right up about it, claiming they were there to kill anyone not interested in converting to their dark cult. Andrezi said that there’d been some kind of court case, then some kind of man-bird who’d entered with the group and who’d accused the wizard of something had been jailed with him, but then the creature had somehow killed the wizard who was interred next to him and escaped, vanishing into thin air. Then the town blew up.

So, the senseis decided that we would go and provide a much-needed voice of reason to the growing panic. I sense a lynch coming toward my former traveling companions in this scenario, and the senseis suggested I go with the group into town, that I may provide a calming center to this scenario, as I am familiar with this group…

… By the Lord of Tricks, what on earth have I become embroiled in??

=Another entry follows, set the next day=
Well, the outcome to that was just… bizarre. A halfling who was associated with the group stumbled into the town and apparently killed several of the townsfolk before being jailed… I found myself wondering if perhaps there was something to the claims of their somewhat more dark turn (did I really know them…? We’d traveled several days together but what did I really know?)… At that, things erupted again. The Gavel had been working counter to our attempts, getting people riled up further whenever we’d try to calm them, and we found ourselves attempting to work with an obviously cowed local group of priests to step up our efforts.

While I was discussing the issue and attempting to sway the sheep to the cause, I looked up. At that moment I’d been on Worship Way, facing up the road toward the Boneyard, and in the growing darkness of the approaching night it’d been a bit difficult to make out what I saw, but clarity arrived. There’s Amarro and Chartreux covered in dirt and gore, some sort of bird-man in a mask, just as stated, and a pretty, skinny-looking man (?) staring back at me. They simply gaped and, thankfully, I did not, though I was incredibly surprised. I quickly changed my tone, suggesting the cloistered religious people continue hiding in the temple, excused myself, and turned back toward the center of town, hoping to appear as if I’d grown frustrated and felt my efforts were best spent dealing with the situation. Rounding the corner at Jak-a-napes, I found myself wondering if I was seeing ghosts…

I arrived as quickly as possibly at the north edge of town and found Amarro trying to pick the pockets of a large half-orc man. I must admit I’d… missed seeing him, something about him stuck with me (I think it must be that he represents the absolute freedom that I’ve never had in my life), but damn it, there’s a time and place! With half of the town coming down on their heads, I attempted to help them understand the severity of the situation, but was surprised that they were well aware already and attempting to rectify the situation on their own. Well, I figured they could use some help, so I joined in. Getting them clear of the town would be the best possible solution to the mess that had exploded here, and they agreed.

… After which, an all-out melee broke out. Therein, we were pressed to find a peaceful solution. In the panic, a few of the townspeople died, trampled in their mob, but our order held fast. We were able to return to the mountain the next morning, bruised, battered, and exhausted; the situation burning itself out when a barge was discovered missing during the wee hours of the night, but I don’t think that stupid Gavel is letting this go, and he may have just turned his vengeful eye toward us, knowing that I’d had a part in the escape of the heroes. I suppose what happens, happens. We’re able to take care of ourselves, I’ll just need to keep an eye on him, and conduct myself with caution, especially down in the town.

… I hope to see them again, I find myself much rejuvenated by that night’s events. I seem to not be suited to relaxation and quiet introspection. I am driven by excitement. I must seek advice on this; perhaps my talents would be suited helping the world rather than quietly thinking up here. Perhaps I can travel again, and see if I can help others outside of the monastery…

… or perhaps I’m just a fool, bitten by wanderlust after finally letting go of my painful youth. We shall see. I will at least request to be stationed in the town. If that Gavel’s going to keep being corrupt, I’ll be there to note it. … I suddenly feel like boldness is the best approach, though this position needs discussing.



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