RoundTable Adventuring

Taralack's Harrow

The Avalanche – Negative Past (True Match)

“This card often refers to a physical disaster, but in this case I can’t help but think that it’s something more subtle than that. In your past – you faced tragedy as a result of a situation involving two different groups of people who came into conflict because neither was thinking clearly and both allowed prejudice and emotion to guide their hands. You found yourself caught up in the problem, perhaps as an objective observer or investigator. Either way, this involvement led to your death. As you continue with your current task – be wary of putting yourself between two separate groups with a long history of conflict arising from a lack of thinking”

The Owl – Unclear Present (True Match)

“This card speaks to the natural order of the world. Over the next several days keep that order in mind and be cautious in attempting to perform actions that would disrupt that. The natural order is what helps bind life together and if you move against it, you may upset more than you intend. However, there is also comfort to be found in the natural order. If you find your place within, and move in such a way as to aid it, you will find great success. A final warning – do not allow experimentation into your feral aspects to push beyond what the order has deemed appropriate”

The Fiend – Positive Future (Opposite Match / Misaligned)

“Well. This is certainly an interesting gaze into your future. The Fiend is a dark card that heralds the death of many due to some sort of calamity or perhaps the machinations of a dark and sinister creature. But for this card to appear as both an opposite match and also misaligned tells us a different story. The cards do not lie. There is a dark, foreboding presence that will rise against you and those closest to you. It will endanger the lives of many and may succeed in its goals; but only to a point. Hone your skills. Grow more powerful and retain the aid of capable friends and allies. Learn to uphold the natural order. If you do these things you will be instrumental in stopping the advances of the creature that rises against the world.”



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