RoundTable Adventuring

Shinoko I

A letter from Shinoko to the elder council of Tianjing

I have received your missive and am to board a boat to take me from Taldor to Magnimar in Varisia from there i will find myself a Harold and charter a small ship to Hermea. The guild of the round table has granted me a sabatical for this undertaking which means they have given up hope of finding Tomoe, the halfling that went missing in the seige of Oregent. my request still stands however if you learn anything of the Hands of the Mystic Discodia’s current movement send the information directly to me with a copy sent to Carrock, the guild’s new address in Almas will be included at the bottom. Back to the matter at hand this meeting has been many years in the making, I know. Getting Mengkare to allow an Aasimar inside the gates Hermea is historic at best. But to think that he would agree to an exchange of knowledge for the better enlightnement of the world is folly. How far should I go to entertain him, and what of the rumors am I to simply disregard them or should i look into them.

Awaiting the wisdom of my elder council.
Tachibana Shinoko



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