RoundTable Adventuring

Pele II

Hide and Seek

Sleep has not come easily. Every time I close my eyes I imagine Kosmaro and what might happen if I wander into the realm of nightmare. I can only hope that my sister protects me, but I cannot ask for such. Don’t mistake me I long to speak with my sister and brother, but prayer is a dangerous thing. Prayers can be intercepted, something Asmodeus was very fond of doing. The God-feind would answer the prayer in his own twisted way, and in-so-doing often claim the mortals soul. I want to pray but Kosmaro and Lamashtu will be listening for me. I digress. I was talking about sleep. I’ve been working on the practise of lucid dreaming, the ability to control ones own dreams. It is said that monks of desna are so proficient in the practise that while they sleep they have abilities that could rival the empyreal lords. After my time in Ustalav I will have to seek out these masters of lucid dreaming and learn what I can from them.



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