RoundTable Adventuring

Letters to Irori #3

Well, here we are back in the Hallow. It is usually comforting to be back in the trees. Song birds, gentle sun flickering through the canopy of lovely green, light breeze through your hair and the calming smells of moss, dew and flowers. The Darkwood, however, is not like those woods. Some how, we are once again working for that scum bag. His prods follow us through some of the most ridiculously over populated wooded areas. Met that first hill giant’s “better half”. I now know why he drinks and thinks trolls are fetching. Giggles is back, sorta. When he goes wooly on us I hope Amarro is fast enough to put a bullet to em. The prods, although, professional enforcers don’t look like much of a threat. If giggles is any indication they might be doable when they turn on us. Or maybe, we should just leave them out here for the buzzards. Would make getting paid a little easier, this time, when we get back to town. So far more undead. Another necromancer needs his death to be a little more permanent. I’m not sure how Carrock could be unsuccessful making sure a dead man of the dead was actually dead… Or, something like that. It’s imperative to stay rested with these chumps drafting on our forward momentum. Maybe one or two could have an “accident” in our travels. These woods can be quite dangerous even for those whom are accustomed to them.

Irori, guide me in the matters of importance. Allow me to follow your example as perfect is my direction.



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