RoundTable Adventuring

Leon's Mad Babblings #1

“Jeeze, what happened? Everything is a blur after those kobolds.”
“You remember nothing? Seriously?”
“I remember taking a ship to Geb, wait. Why were we going to Geb?!”
“It wasn’t Geb you idiot, it was Nex. We went there on a rumor of something great.”
“Which was.”
“You’ll have to remember it if you want to find out.”
“Such a shame you don’t remember, what we found was truly marvelous.”
“What did we find?”
“In good time, now it is dangerous to talk of such things.”
“Why is that? What did we find?”
“Something your companions wouldn’t regard as marvelous. Knowing of its existence might even make them your enemies.”
“We’ll talk of such things after our work is done.”
“Makes me want to get it done all the sooner.”
“Well if you used your powers a bit more effectively, you could get it done.”



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