RoundTable Adventuring

Karrenz's Journal

Why don’t we ever get to travel someplace nice? When I joined the guild, it seemed a golden opportunity to get to journey around the world exploring other cities; with the guild covering most of my expenses. Instead my first official mission had us going inside a volcano to try and stop some cult before we inadvertently freed some fallen goddess from her captivity. Then I am approached by Carrock for another assignment and am assured that this time we will be sent to a city for a simple material retrieval mission.

Carrion Hill. The name sounded intriguing and the mission was completely straight forward. Turns out neither of those things are true. This city is a mostly deserted shit hole and the mission has been “put on hold” by my companions in favor of looking into some local problem involving attacks and collapsing buildings. According to the Mayor people are being killed and the incompetent locals have no idea who or what is doing it. I’m not completely indifferent to the suffering of others, and since our mission apparently can’t continue until this problem is solved….I guess it’s time to start investigating. Plus scoring a reward from the Mayor and potentially a few grateful townsfolk while still getting guild pay? Seems a good enough deal to double down on.


I like how most people make Carrock a liar by omission. :P

Karrenz's Journal

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