RoundTable Adventuring

Karem #1

You could tell something was off with this group of fanatics the moment we set foot in this place. When you’ve spent as much time as I have around various groups, gangs, organizations, cults, or any other fancy name for a gathering of shit heads, you begin to pick up on the “vibe” they give off.

I may still not be entirely clear on what it is they are doing down in these halls, but at this point it’s safe to say it isn’t good. If the orc and I hadn’t taken it upon ourselves to start poking around, who knows how much further things would have gotten. In hindsight it may have been smart to get the others before venturing so far off the beaten path .. but you gotta play with the cards you’re dealt. I guess the next step is to determine this cults end game and put a stop to it. Sure we could just find our stolen property and leave … but I really don’t take kindly to people nearly killing me. Besides, in my experience, there are always law abiding types who are willing to reward for the “removal” of whatever shit head group is causing trouble.



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