RoundTable Adventuring

It's a Mystery


Personal Note; We’re investigating a murder. As third party impartial investigators. ‘The Carnival Mistress’ and ‘The Sheriff’

Victim: Owner of “The Locked Box”; Archavin Waldr {Pawn Broker / Money Lender} And one shop guard died during robbery. T.o.D. Late Night – Early Morning.
Waldr – found near path from town to the Carnival, by wife ‘Agnis Waldr’ after he didn’t return from the carnival (within hours of his death). Cause of death appears to be mauling / predation by a larger flying creature or made to appear so.
Guard – throat slit exsanguination.
Witnesses: None have come forward to event. Many claim seeing a 4 legged flying creature silhouetted against moon {unlikely}.
Motive: Most-likey acquisition of key to the “Locked Box.” Although, the robbery may have only been a matter of convenience. No, known public feuds.

Found at Scene
- Plaster Casting of ‘large creature claw tracks’ not a match to Sphinx; Creature was flying or tracks were faked as there were attempts to hide humanoid foot prints around the ‘tracks’ and tracks were light for size.
- Broken Silver Chain – used to keep vault key around Waldr’s neck. – Widow Confirmed.
Found on Body {Waldr}
- Wound Pattern matches Cast/Tracks. Body appears to have not had anything eaten from it.
Found on Guard
- Struck on head from behind, pre-mortum. Fatal cut does not appear to be from a well maintained blade.

Prime suspect: Unidentified.

Working Theory: Victim targeted by unknown mastermind to acquire specific item or items from his shop. Carnies’ being in town during the incident unrelated?

Primary Concerns: Finding the actual murderer(s). Determine what was taken from ‘The Locked Box’.
Secondary Concerns: Bumpkin unrest and discriminatory violence.
Tertiary Concerns: What the ‘public’ thinks. How the Sphinx feels.

Curiosity: The ‘arrangement’ of the Sphinx for the Carnival.
Working Theory: The Sphinx is the head of the Carnival reasons unknown. Or, is actual prisoner being held by forces beyond the physical.

Oh crap invisible things



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