RoundTable Adventuring

I remember swimming being much easier


Wow, the local colour here… They should really institute some form of public educational training, here. I can’t believe that not-so-gentleman deserved to die but, when the young haven’t quite got a handle on their powers accidents do happen. Every suspect is a dead end… Except maybe the swimmer they may have made it. I fully expect to be run out of town today. I just hope I can fix my crossbow before the next encounter with a delusional mob. I’m beginning to believe I may have lost a few steps while in “wizard school.” Maybe it might be time to go back to my roots. After bringing this drug pushing alchemist into the light of justice. Even though, it seems that the sheriff is completely disinterested in cutting out the root of all this town’s recent criminal ills.

I’m sure things would go better if we were the one’s to explain to the sheriff the sequence of events that led to that man’s death but, it might be better for us if we just join the carnival and hit the road.



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