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Hey All,

Something's fucky with the calendar

So the “+” sign that should add a new event to the calendar just reloads the calendar page… I am a little confused as to why. But, it seems my account is no longer Ascendant. I don’t know if this will be fixed before next session or not but, I do remember the charge being made to my credit card.

So…Here’s the recap for Kyle whom unfortunately could not be with us tonight.

After taking Keeper Hyve Prisoner and coercing him into helping Taralack and Garlumbo finish his plan (making a very potent poison to harm the invisible outsider tearing down houses). The party made their with with Hyve to Rupman’s Vats. They found the place as closed as it was when they first attempted to acquire samples of Middenstone. After, forcing their way into the factory, while the majority of the party skulked carefully to investigate the vats, Keeper Hyve saw his opportunity to escape and he took it. He had surreptitiously freed himself from his restrains while they all travelled to what maybe the creature’s next target. Using his bonds as weapons against ’Karrenz’s stand in’ and escaping the building only to be roughly seized by Garlumbo’s Axebeak. Which then attempted to continue to carry out the orders of its master to bury the Rogue Poisoner. A brief and somewhat humourous scuffle broke out between the remaining members of the party and the Axebeak as Garlumbo had pressed on with the mission and was unable to give any further commands to his ever so obedient mount. Unfortunately, Keeper Hyve had suffered deep wound and had bled out just as Sojo cast a spell to cure his wounds. Too little, too late, and Sojo miss-diagnosed the Hyve no longer bleeding out due to heart failure as being stabilized by his spell. Ultimately, the large bird slipped and fell into one of the vats scalding it’s flesh with hot middenstone sluice. Losing the keeper’s body in the process. Later, it would succeed in it’s task of burying, with one of the vat’s workers. Which all turned out to be alchemically preserved zombies. Which is a crime in Ustalav to use necromancy in such a way.

Meanwhile, under the cover of invisibility, Garlumbo had slipped passed the ‘workers’ to come across an inebriated keeper Myre. Whom had been drinking himself into a stupor while he tried to re-write everything from the “Pnacktonic Manuscripts” from his memory. The fear for his life and extreme distress from losing his most prized book had kept him from sleep and had drove him to drink. As, the rest of the party fought to keep attop the slippery walkways, resisting the noxious fumes, destroying zombie workers. Keeper Myre proved to be quite the handful against Taralack after escaping the consistent and brutal ramming from the investigator. Who tanglefoot bagged him to the floor after he leap to be safely out of range of the Orc (spraining his ankle in the process). First, he charmed her. Having her heal him as he drank a potion. And then the man she thought of a trust-worthy, old friend betrayed her casting “Hold Person” on her. Which was then followed by “Vampiric Touch”.

Garlumbo had gone on to investigate the room trusting that the groups quarry had been subdued as the sounds of battle were only of the rest of the party finishing off Zombies and Sojo falling multiple times off the slippery platforms into the middenstone as it was being processed. Ingesting some of it made him extremely nauseous. That combined with climbing out of the pits near completely incapacitated him for the remainder of the combat. Others had also fallen leading the party to move with great caution on the platform. The stand in magus contracted filth-fever. All who fell into the sluice the axebeak had suffered.

The spry necromancer was ultimately taken alive with some dirty bard trickery from Kyle’s stand in. After short period of questioning he was thoroughly restrained, relieved of his equipment, including his bonded object (a ring), and gagged to make sure that he would be unable to cast anymore spells. After a thorough search of the remaining rooms in the factory the party has found a couple more spell books and has gone above and beyond Varro’s request by not only securing a sample of middenstone but has Keeper Myre’s very own recipe.

What has been learnt about the horror that is terrorizing Carrion Hill are as follows; The Horror of Carrion Hill is now Identified as a Spawn of Yog-Sothoth. It is a being summoned from the void in an attempt from the Keepers of the Oldest to gain forgotten knowledge of the old gods to expand their understanding and power.

Keeper Myre has offered to help defeat the Spawn of Yog-Sothoth but, requires access to the “Pnakotic Manuscript”. The party is not keen as access to the book would allow the Necromancer to make use of one of many teleportation spells found there in. Myre has also, demanded that the party kill him rather than let his essence be used to strengthen the monster from beyond the pale.

With a new Keeper in tow the party is making its way back to the Elmway Church where they slept last night to regroup and prepare to assault the asylum.

Will they encounter the Spawn of Yog-Sothoth along the way? There will be a percentage roll to determine that. At this point everyone is now Level 6. I’ll also, text everyone to let them know to level for next session.



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