RoundTable Adventuring

Gar'lumbo #4

Investigation Report 1

It’s been a nice leshuse cruise so far. Lots of sun, fresh sea food, and some light excercise. But now that we’ve arrived at Carrion Hill I can safely say that this place is a depressing shit hole.
All rain and no fun make Gar’lumbo want to smash someone’s face in. And fortunately it looks like this town will provide just that. Something has been nocking down buildings and eating townsfolk, probably. So we’ve been called in to investigate. I guess Humans are shit at that too, but i’ll have to not be an asshole to the guards. The mayor wouldn’t deputize us, so it’ll be a good idea to be nice to and get in good with the guards. ‘Ravens’ i think they are. That was is this cowardly mayor tries to backstab us wheel have a better chance of surviving, or over throwing him.



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