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Except from A Treatise on the Anthropology of Slavery by Ducek

While there is much contention between scholars about which was the first anthropomorphic race was the first to appear on golarion, what is certain is that halflings are in contention for that honour. Halflings existed on Golarion before the elves and the dwarves, and even before the age of humanity. Several of the oldest texts from azlant coroborate this fact, but newer archeological evidence suggest the race dates back to the age of serpents.. More, or perhaps less startling (seeing you are reading this volume), archeological findings have shown members halflings race were enslaved by the serpentfolk. Some believe, though no scientific evidence exists to back up their claim, that the the morlock race is the decendents of halflings taken by the serpent folk when they left the surface at the beginning of the age of legend. This only shows that slavery has existed in one form or another since the earliest ages. And while the majority of this text will focus on the historic period I thought We’d begin by giving you a glimpse at how deep this rabbit hole goes. …



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