RoundTable Adventuring

Amarro #14

I’ve had just about enough of this Taint of the World around Falcons Hollow, first it’s Kobolds and missing children then it’s undead Kobolds and a crooked Logging Consortium and now it’s More Undead of Every type and still the crooked logging consortium. Why can’t people jsut leave people in peace to run their own lives without needing to lord their power over anyone else in any way they can. God i need to get paid and put boots to the trail out of here….. hmmm that’s a thought…. we’re going to get paid for this, and if they have enough money to pay our fee there Must be Plenty more money up in those houses in the Palisades…. all the money up there guarded by all the guards that get that money…. but if there is no money… there are no guards, no guards, no enforcers… no enforcers no way to keep control and all the profits from logging this very valuable wood…. hmmmmm methinks i’m going to have fun provide a little forced re-distribution of wealth around this place… gonna need a nice big distraction so they don’t notice me in their hom…….. hey Varro! Can i talk to you for a minute about something?



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